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Friday, April 8, 2016

Some True And Crazy Facts About India

**-- The steel wire used in the Bandra-Worli Sea link, aka Rajiv Gandhi Sea link is equal to the total circumference of planet earth. **-- The Samosa, commonly perceived as an Indian originated snack originally belongs to Middle East. It originated before the 10th century and it crossed the thresholds of India in 13th or 14tg century. **-- The air that people of Delhi breathe is four times more toxic than the secure amount. **-- It is illegal to purchase alcohol in Mumbai under 1949 Prohibition acts. **-- The flight distance from Mumbai to Kolkata is greater than distance from Kolkata to Bangkok. It is 1614 km from Kolkata to Mumbai whereas the distance from Klkata to Bangkok is 1658 km. **-- Snapdeal is not just the name of a company but that of an actual village in Uttar Pradesh. **-- Murshidabad, a city in West Bengal, has made it mandatory for all the cattles to posses photo IDs, to prevent smuggling across the Bangladesh border. **-- India has more post offices than anywhere in the world, including a floating one in Kashmir. **-- Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest man in India has a residence that is estimated to cost more than the construction of England's Wembley Stadium. **-- Indians ar responsible for half of the wiskey consumption on earth.

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