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Monday, April 18, 2016

Does Pak Army's Mandate Include Fighting Against Dacoits? What Is Police For?

No government or rulers out of 200 countries of the world are so useless, inelligible and corrupt as the rulers of Pakistan are. They have no control on any department officials. No department fulfills and realizes its duties except the Pak army. The foreigners who rule Pakistan have no interest in securing the lives and properties of common people. They and their family live in London or America. Here they come only for ruling and looting money to deposit in off-shore companies to evade taxes. If Pak Army has to clean the country and safeguard the people of Pakistan from dacoits, from street crimenals, from corrupt people then you must go to hell and your own countries (Not Pakistan), need not to live in Pakistan and let the Army rule the country. If the Army is responsible for law and order situation, then what police officials have been recruited for? Only to provide security to VIPs and their family members? Why Pak army is being engaged in the tasks that do not suit it. Army is for providing safety to nation against external aggression. If it is kept engaged in useless and substandard activities except Zar be Hasb. Army has to use all kinds of its weapons from tanks to bombers and missiles. The weapons that could be used against our cruel enemy and its agents and intruders is ibeing used against Chhoto dacoit. What is need of so called "democracy" whose meaning and philosophy is unknown to rulers. They only know how to save looted money in foreign banks, how to instal sugar and steel mills in foreign countries. When they do not keep their own money in Pakistani banks, and do not pay taxes, they have no right to get taxes from people. When they do not invest their own money in Pakistan, they have no right to invite foreign investors to invest money in Pakistan. Panama Papers will take take all the corrupt people of the world and specially of Pakistan to meet their end. Zardari or Rahman Malik and advises can not save them more now. They should read their fortune written clearly on the wall.

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