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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Most Ignorant Nation On Earth

As year of 2016 is concluding it is leaving an appreciation for the world's largest democracy India, that it is most ignorant nation on the planet, according to Index of Ignorance 2016. India left every nation behind in ignorance, while the nation ranked the second in ignorance last year 2015. Formerly, Brazil was at the top of the list but it is outranked by India. The ranking is result of Ipsos Perils of Perception of Survey or so-called "Index of Ignorance" which highlights how wrong the people across 40 countries are about key issues and features of population in their country. The result of the survey shows India, China, Taiwan, South Africa, US, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey and Indonesia, respectively first to ten in rank. The good news is that Pakistan is not in the list which is a sign that Pakistan is a nation who has common sense in common and can make its way in the deeloped countries if resourses are used wisely. All across 40 countries each population gets a lot wrong. They are mostly incorrect on the factors that are widely discussed in media.

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