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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some Coolest Victoria's Secret Reccreations

Deddeh Howard collaborated with photographer/ boyfriend Rafael to recreate some of the world's largest modelling compaighns, including those by Dolce and Victoria's Secrets, as a "call for more diversity", in the industry, in a series called black mirror.
After years of admiring the models in Victoria's Secret catalogs, six Buzzfeed writers decided to make themselves in to models to illustrate just how beautiful 'everyday' women actually are.
To call attention to the major lack of diversity, Buzzfeed decided to recreate 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but cast women of all shapes and sizes. Curvey Kate, a lingerie brand praised for embracing a wider range of sizes than any other lingerie designer, has released an ad compaign than digs at Victoria's secret. After receiving a wave of criticism, Victoria's Secret changed their ad compaign slogan to " A body for everybody".

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