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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Is Saddam Hussain Alive?

Some time strange and alarming news rather rumors appear on social media that are alarming too specially for western countries. Once rumors was spread that Osama Bin Laden was not killed but is alive. Similarly now it is said that Saddam was not executed but is alive and living in Iraq and some say in Belarus. When Western countries were so scared of Osama or Saddam why would they leave them unhurt, while they were on the mercy of these countries (USA). This is nothing but only rumours of western politicians to get political benefits from the fear of public. Ok, whatever it is let us look in to the latest rumor. As whole of the world knows Saddam Hussain was hanged in 2006. His video of taking him to hanging place as well as his dead body wrapped in coffin was telecast on TV channels, though his actual hanging was not shown. In spite of all these scenes shown on Tvs, many people think that Saddam was not hanged. Now, a claim of his friend has encircled some people in to scare. Now a 56 year old Egyptian journalist, Anees Al Dagheeday, a close friend of Saddam during his 24 year rule has claimed that Saddam was alive and after his fake death they had met four times. He said during these meetings they discussed the future strategies. He said their first meeting was held in the army compound of Babul Azizia of Muamar Qazzafi in 2010. Their other two meetings were held in Libyan city Tripoli and Iran during 2011 and their fourth meeting was during 2016 in Saudi Arabia. Anees further said Saddam is hiding because he knows Western countries are searching him. During these years he stayed in different countries and not staying on one place. Anees met him four times in three countries. The longest of Saddam was in Iranian capital Tehran, because Irani government fulfills all his needs. The claim of Anees which spread harrassment in the world was that Saddam is leading Daesh, though Baghdadi is considered its head. Anees further said Abu Bakr Baghdadi is just like a puppet and can not implement his will and the actual head of Daesh is Saddam Hussain. He is controlling Daesh with the help of Iran and Hiz Bullah. As Britain had played a piotal role in Iraq war so Saddam has ordered Daesh for a horrible attack on Britain. It will be a revenge of Iraq war. He said he can not open the secrets of the strategies as he has committed swear to keep it secret. All this may be true or false the claims of Anees may be baseless but it seems a conspiracy of Western countries to attack Iran and Anees may be working for USA or Britain.

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