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Monday, December 19, 2016

Garlic Mixed Milk Drink Amazingly Cures Scores Of Diseases

The drink prepared from mixing the garlic in milk can help you getting rid of several diseases and other health problems. Though mixing of garlic in milk may seem strange to you and you may think that milk will get spoiled , no it does not rather this natural drink will give you many health benefits. -- Method of Preparation And ingredients:- Take garlic 10 pods+ milk 1/2 liter+ sugar 2-3 spoons+ water 250 ml First of all crush the garlic pods and make its paste, mix this paste in a clean basin with water and milk. Now put it on medium flame and keep stirring the mixture with spoon till it gets boiling, cool it and pass through a clean cloth now add sugar to the mixture. Now healthful drink is ready, better to drink it while it is half warm. -- Benefits:- ** For Cough and flu If turmeric powder is mixed in it and taken it will cure not only seasonal coughing but will reduce the severity of chronic cough.
--* Reduces Sciatica Pain and cures Asthma:- Asthma patients can take 3 pods of garlic in addition to drinking this drink before sleeping.
--** Best For Heart problem:- The fat called LDL (Cholestrol) is harmful for health and it can cause high blood pressure and other heart problems. This drink would reduce LDL as well as will provide energy to heart. **-- For Pneumonia: The use of one glass of garlice milk thrice a day will cure and protect from pneumonia. Better than antibiotics. It can also be given to children as it is tasty. --** Garlic Milk is Good For Acne and feeding mothers:- Consuming garlic milk is effective as external application for treating acne. Garlic milk is one of the best foods that increases breast milk. Giving garlic milk to feeding mothers immediately after cild birth ensures sufficient breast milk supply. **-- Drinking garlic milk will relax you and you can sleep well, if you are suffering from Insomnia.
--** Helps In Digestion:-- As garlic possesses germicidal properties in addition to making one's body stronger, it helps in discharging gastric juices due to containing natural substances and improves digestion. It also helps protecting from cholera.
**-- Cure of Lungs TB-- Garlic contains sulfure that is good for treating tuberculosis. However, getting rid of TB, the garlic milk is prepared a bit differently. Mix the one gram of garlic paste in 240 ml of milk and one liter of water. Get it boiled till it remains 1/4 th in quantity. And finish it taking three times a day. ** --Treating Jaundice: Using garlic milk for a week continuously will cure jaundice completely. Garlic has the capability of eliminating poisnous substances in the body. Sulfure present in garlic also helps in reducing the severity of the disease. Moreover, silinium and elisean substances are found in garlic, both help in extruding healthy juices. Elisean itself is useful in treating cancer, high blood pressure and minimising cholestrol level.

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