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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Some Facepalm Moments During 2016

While some celebs floundered with dismissal singing debuts, others shamelessly linked themselves to Bollywood superstars. From reverse sexism to lousy collaborations, her are given some of the the top facepalm moments of 2016. Urwa Hocane's debute single ao Lakar Chalein literally many speechless. The Udaari actress who recently tied knot with long time beau Farhan Saeed, appeared in a ruffled pink dress and failed miserably.
If we had not enough of Tahir Shah and his preposterous songs, he decided to give acting a shot. A "resplendent" Tahir made a fleeting appearance in Pakistan's first online movie, " Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar" as a love guru. Looks like do your own thing's all girls-flash mob did not receive the outcome they had been hoping for. The flash mob decision to come together in Lahore's Anaarkali Baazar was thought as being in poor taste by many. The idea of promoting women empowerment by dancing in crowded market left others baffled. This one misfired clearly.

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