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Friday, December 2, 2016

Some People Whose Twitter Accounts Were Blocked

**-- Tila Taquila, a former MySpace queen and reality TV star was banned on Twitter due to several occurrences of hate speech on her page. The ban of the self-titled "alt-reich queen" does not come as a surprise to those following her hate-filled, anti semitic social media account. But when the Singapore born Veitnamese celeb posted photo of herself with two men giving the Nazi Salute, her Twitter account was finally shut down.
**-- A woman known on Twitter as "Poison Ivy" in October 2016, for humiliating vulnerable men on her account. Iy also known as Hanna, who is believed to be from New Zealand asked men to "DM( direct message) me pictures of Hanna written on your forehead". Several Twitterers came forward to claim they had been humiliated sexually by her and that messages encouraging suicide were also uncovered. Hanna appears to be back online taking over the account of a man who said he is in relationship with her.
Controversial rapper Azealia Bank's Twitter account was deactivated in May 2016 after she posted a series of offensive treats aimed at singer Zayn Malik (One Direction) that included homophobic and racial slurs. She accused Malik of copying her style in his music video for "Like I would" targeting him with a slew of hateful slurs, calling him a 'curry scented bitch' and f****t. The Tweet hurt her bottom line- she was supposed to perform at London Born and Bred Festival on June 5, but organizers cancelled her performance.

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