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Saturday, December 3, 2016

PML -N Senator Got PIA Official Suspended For Objecting On His Extra Large Suitcase (Video)

When the so called intellectual journalists of Pakistan write columns and articles in favor of democracy in Pakistan, I want to mourn on their thinkings and ideas. Can they bring democracy like the USA or Britain in Pakistan/ Were those democracies in Pakistan when the leaders through rigged votes rose to power in the country? What ease they did give to common man. Only blocking the roads, sitting in luxury bullet proof vehicles with hooters and security guards all around and watching the helplessness of the people blocked around, among those are patients, ambulances, children and women standing in chilling cold or burning sun. While during Ayub khan, Zia ul Haq or Musharraf's regimes people were not as much in trouble as these are under so called democratic rulers. The people who rule Pakistan have never implemented democratic rules within their political parties, all have self inherited powers of being the heads of their respective parties taking from Fazal Rahman to " Mughal Kings". Every member of parliament or senate become dictator what to speak of high ups and take common man as slave. One of the senator had to board PIA flight from Islamabad to Karachi reached the plane just 5 minutes before its taking off with a big suit case. When the poor female purser rightly objected on it, because it had to be loaded with cargo, But the "king" intentionally came late as he knew flight can not take off leaving him, and wanted to accomodat his suitcase in the cabin. Evey body knows there is no place in the cabin except hand carry luggage. He got angry on her objection and got her suspended immediately. Though the innocent female official will be reinstated because her fault was not so huge and her objection was according to rules and regulations of PIA. If the senator does not know does not want to obey the rules of a department then there should be no place for him in the senate. What the so called "pro-democracy" journalist say regarding this issue? If they want the democracy of USA or Britain then senator's membership should be suspended not the PIA purser be suspended.

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