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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yazeedi Women Force "Sun Girls" Formed Against ISIS In Iraq

Humiliated by members of Daesh fighter organisation, the Yazeedi women have formed a women force namely "Sun Girls" to take revenge from Daesh under the leadership of former Yazeedi singer Zeenat Shanghali who is the founder of the force. The women included in women fighter brigade say they will take revenge from them of the slaughtering of their men and making their sisters sex slaves by Daesh.
This Yazeedi women brigade has recruited 123 girls aging from 17 to 30 years. They are ready for any sacrifice to kill Daesh fighters to take revenge who have raped them as they say. Kurd fighters are imparting training to brigade of Yazeedi girls at Dhoke near Shazia camp. They are being trained to fire with klashikove, to destroy bridges, to attack and other fighting techniques. After their training is complete they will be shifted to Sanjar base camp. However they lack arms. According to reports Daesh say theydo not want to be killed by women as they would not get 'Hoors' in Jannah Beautiful women in Paradise)). Zeenat said laughing we will kill them and deprive them of Hoors.

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