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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Egyptian Man Married 205 Times in 78 Years

Chacha Mustaf, a 78-year-old egyptian, who has recently done his 205th marriage has very surprising and amazing life story. He is a musician and singer in his 64 years marriage career, he married to many famous actresses, singers and dancers. Despite of his 205 marriages, he has only three childen, and his name is not in Guinness book of world records. Mustafa demanded that his name should be recorded in Guinness bok ofworld record over his marriages. Guinness book has the name of a lady Lunda Wolf who has mmarried 23 times. Mustafa started his marriages in 1949 and he did not even remember the faces of some of his wives. He said he had no issue regarding fame or money. so wherever he listens of a widow he offers her marriage and provided her with and provided her everything needed for peaceful life. In other words he has sympathy aith alone and widow women.

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