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Monday, September 28, 2015

Is The Blood Moon Sign Of The World's End?

Upcoming super-lunar eclipse has become the hot topic for everyone these days, most of the people believe it is the end of the world, while it is the sign of the arrival of the Jesus Christ according to Christan's belief. Pastor Mark Blitz of the El Shaddai ministries in Tacoma, Washington was first to hit upon the prediction the last of the four blood moon eclipses was a sign from God to he end was upon us. He published the book 'Blood Moons': decoding Immenent Heavenly Signs in March 2014, and said mankind was at the door before ruptue. Pastor John Hagee said it was a massive demonstration from the heaven. He added those were ready to meet God it would really be a time for rejoice.
According to NASA lunar eplipses are not s strange phenomenon as there are two eclipses per year. Blood moon happens when moon slides into the Earth's shadow, casting a reddish hue on the moon. For Muslims lunar and solar eclipses are the sings of power and Mighty of Allah Almighty. Cosmetic events and natural phenomena have scientific reasons that people may know by means of scientific research and study. Muslims, however, do not connect such events to life, death, birth or return of anyone. Rare blood lunar eclipse is due to begin at 0511 PM in Pakistan on Monday.

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