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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Corrupt Politicians And Bureaucrats Are To Be Caught After Eid

Renowned anchor person Dr Shahid Masood has claimed that the recent operation against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats will gain more pace after Eid ul Azha. It is good news and the real Eid day will be for the common Pakistani when corrupt people will come in the grip of law and are behind the bars. The operation will be extended to business community too as Miyyan Manha's confessions have revealed so many big names. It was the opinion of Dr Shahid that big fish will be nested soon. The corruption has checked the progress, development and progress of Pakistan otherwise Pakistan isone of the richest countries in the world regarding natural resources and manpower, intelligentia and courageous, well trained and bold army. Politicians and dirty politics have destroyed this beautiful country. May Allah bless and save Pakistan from corrupt foreigners in the form of Pakistani politicians.

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