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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Majority Of Pakistani Female Doctors Do Not Enter Into Medical Profession But Prefere To Marry

Pakistan's 70 % students of medical colleges and universities are females but Pakistan is still facing the lacks of doctors, why? There can be many reasons but the main reason is that many female students do not get medical degrees to be doctors but they use it as a tool to get married in well to do families. According to a report 70 % of the medical students do not get into medical profession. In most of the prestigious medical colleges of Pakistan, female medical students outshine and outnumber their male counterparts but most of them do not really pay off their duty in the field. Healthh conditions in a country like Pakistan are not up to the mark. Women in villages and backward areas do not want to be checked by male doctors and females doctors are not enough to be sent in those villages. Sometimes back in the news 50:50 quota hit the social media and it was criticised badly. But the fact is that if female doctors are interested in catching the wealthy husbands and not pursueing the medical career then it is need of the hour to do so.

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