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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Corrupt Pakistani Politicians And Beurucrates Are Now in The "Lion's Grip" And Crying

Pakistan is fortunate and unfortunate country at the same time. It is fortunate because it has the wealth of precious minerals ( from coal to uranium and all other precious metals), mountains, rivers, plains, sea and seaports, deserts, hundreds of beautiful picnic points and spots like Murrree, Swat valley,Kashmir and Kaghan and many more, lakes like Saif ul Malook and has archeological wealth in Harrapa and Mohenjo Daro, Taxila and at several other sites, several hill stations, is home to brave common people (true Pakistanis, not the corrupt politicians)and tribal patriotic men, and beautiful capital Islamabad and what not my loveely beloved Pakistan has. Pakistan is beautiful and its people are beautiful, having the world's most courageous Jawans (army). But A Big But many people have ugliest faces though apparently they may be very well dressed with cosmetic faces. These are the people who are looting my beautiful country till their third generation due to which I may call my beloved Pakistan unfortunate. The coward, selfish, protectors of self interests and enemies of nation imported upper class( who have properties and luxury apartment in London and other countries), whose families are in America and England and only come to Pakistan to rule, never thought of Pakistan and hence giving coverage to other corrupt politicians and beaurucracy who have billions of dollars of national money in foreign banks, about which ruling class never seriously tried to get back and snatch the poor nation's money from looters because they themselves are among those corrupt one and know the next term will be theirs and they will reward them with the same coverage. This is the rangers, army and its patriot and brave C-In- C who is the person to snatch looted national money from the corrupt people and reurn back to te deserving people of Pakistan. Now the leaders of one the most corrupt political party are some times theatening the incumbent government to initiate war because digested money is taken out from their stomach/bellies and jail sentence will be bonus for the returned money. Some have flown away to Dubai, some are already in Dubai. How the coverage is given to each other is indicate by stopping the arrest of Gilani by higher authority. His bail was already accepted. When fear of arrest and disclosure of their corruption comes on head they make noise of conspiracy against them and the country. These selfish people link themselves with country while they have neither been Pakistani in the past nor they will be in future. Pakistanis are only those poor people who never out of Pakistan. Well done Raheel Sharif- tight the corrupt ones in all the provinces. They are chips of the same bundle. Kindly make Pakistan free of corruption. If corruption is eliminate, Pakistan will soon become An Asian tiger not the fake tiger (like election symbol of one of the political party). It is the only cancer of corruption that is hallowing the roots of my beautiful country. Kindly eliminate corruption in departments like WAPDA, police and others. Though it is not the job of army but corrupt politician will never do this. If big guns are sentenced put in jail, looted money is snatched from them others will get lesson though our poor people are not so clean but will get straight if VIPs, politicians and beuracrates are eliminated from my beloved Pakistan. LONG LIVE MY PAKISTAN--PAKISTAN ZINDABAD. AMEEN

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