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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Urdu As Official Language? Is It Possible?

Though chief justice of Pakistan Jawaad S Khawaja in his hisorical verdict has ordered the implementation of Urdu as official language in government offices but how big guns heading their respective offices will write and read Urdu language. Would they be provided with Urdu tutors because they neither are able to write nor to read. Even clerks do not know correct Urdu. It is good that Urdu which is our national language be used as official language. But all the people would have to under training. As Urdu is more difficult than English. It is Lashkari Language the word Urdu is derived from Urd (Army). It has Persian, Arabic ans Sanskrit words. How A clerk can write "MUKABBIR US SAUT" (lOUD sPEAKER), Even his boss would not know. There are several scientific words Like proteins, (Lahmiat0 and so on and so forth. First of all Urdu dictionaries be provided in each and every office and after some training the clerical staff may be able some to write correct urdu a bit. It should be implemented slowly and gradually. At first step both English and Urdu be used in office then after some time English be replaced with urdu in offices.

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