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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Navroz's Last Request To His Late Girlfriend Saba

Teenager from Karachi who committed suicide after killing 15-year-old girlfriend Saba, had requested her to wear that ring he had gifted her on one occasion. Tenth grader Nauroz who belonged to Ismaili community had written on his Facebook page that he was going to die next day. 16 -year old boy had also asked Saba to bring her father's pistol.
The above letter was written a day before the sad incident shows that the suicide was a pre-planned. Bollywood inspired the act that left two families and whole nation with bundles of questions. Facebook has closed the accounts of both the students. Facebook users have made different communities and pages on Facebook to show sympathy to both the students setting a bad example for all the teenagers who are inspired by Bollywood type of love. The news of the students went viral on social media within no time. They were the students of private school in Patel Para area of Karachi. The students committed suicide by anticipating failure in love and to marry each other. Both had written letters to their parent apologising for their act.

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