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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dr Aysha Mumtaz-- Doing What The Corrupt Male Beurucrates Did Not Do Intentionally

Dr Aysha(+)! Please carry on your honest and courageous duty oe arrest the corrupt owners of shops and seal the bakeries of the people offering sub-standard food items to Pakistanis. Pakistanis are with you except a few inhumen administrators and politicians. Like they saved Marriot Hotel with only 0.4 million rupee fine. You did and are doing a wonderful job that no food authorities could do before. May Allah bless you ad help you. Can those people be called Muslims who are making donkey's, dogs and pork meat to eat by Pakistanis.? Never. You will meet hinderances, difficulties and troubles by many people even your colleagues but please do not hesitate to do what you are doing and do not leave the right path you are following. The bold and honest lady exlained about providing information and photos of sealed hotels to Facebook that the information about fined hotels are given to Facebook not those that have cases in courts. That is fine Dr Aysha is doing right job, world must know abot the 5 and 7-star hotels that are providing inhygenic and substandard food to their guests and customers. All the steps she is taking are in the favour of common people and are correct to the tune of 200 percent. She did nothing wrong. Dr Aysha has also clerified the news about her having any blood relation to late comedy actor Rangeela. She said she had no blood relation with the late actor. The news is quite baseless. Dr Aysha! you are honest and couragous but simple monded staightfarward lady and you have stopped the earning of many people so you have created may enemies. This type of news are spread by corrupt people. Kind Lady! go ahead, true Pakistanis pray for you, Allah will protect you from your enemies. Long Live Dr Aysha Mumtaz(+).

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