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Friday, October 24, 2014

Malik Riaz Compensated Edhi's Dacoity Loss

Chief Excecutive of Bahria Town Zain Malik has handed over Rs 50 million checque to Edhi Foundation chief Abdul Sattar Edhi. Earlier Malik Riaz had announced that he will try to compensate the renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi Edhi's loss that he suffered due to dacoity. Malik said, " I respect abdul Sattar Edhi and I can not leave him alone in difficult time".

Gorgeous Models Who Wear Dress Sizes In Double Digits

Models conjure an image of sylph-like females with slender proportions. But beauty comes in every size. Robyn Lawley, is one of three on Vogue Italia's June 2011 Cover. Australian model Robyn Lawley continued to bloom sine. She was the first plus size model to appear in Ralph Lauren compaign and she was featured on the cover of French Maria Claire. Just this week Lawley announced she was expecting her first child with her fiance.
Tara Lynn was the part of the now infamous trio on the cover of Vogue Italia of June 2011. Lynn's pretty pucker has been featured on the cover of Elle France and in editorials for V magazine and Glamour. She has also modelled for H & M's 2012 at the Poolside Spring Compaign.
The Brazilian beauty is often referred to as "Plus size Gisele Bundchen" But it is thought she deserve her own renown. Fluvia Lacerda has been featured in Vogue Italia and Bust. She won the Full Figured Fashion Week Plus Size Model award. And well, Lacerda make size 1 and looks seriously sexy.
This pretty Brit is signed to Ford Models. Marshall was a teen beauty queen and won the Miss Surray title. Shehas appeared in compaigns for Macy's and Torrid and walked in Bryant Fashion show.
in 1974 groundbreaking model Beverley Johnson was the first African American woman on the cover of American Vogue. Her daughter Anansa Sims also breaks beauty boundaries for Forever 21, Kmart, Kohl's and Vassarette. H & M received much attention for featuring a plus size model on their website without calling attention on the fact. The model was American Jennie Runk.
David Husselhoff's daughter Hayley has found success as plus size model as well as an actress on the ABC' series 'Huge'.

Australian Doctors Transplant Dead Heart Into Patient Successfully

Australian doctors have made medical breakthrough as they managed to bring dead heart into life. Doctors at Sydney hospital conducted this unique transplant in which they managed to bring dead heart back beating. The doctors used a preservation solution with Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute to transplant the organs into 57-year-old Michelle Gribilas, 44-year-old Damen and a third patient still in recovery. Doctors believe 30 percent more live could be saved with this transplant procedure.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sharmila Farooqi Arranged Dance Party To Well Come Bilawal

PPP and specially Sharmila Farooqi who has been the top critics of women dancing in PTI sit-ins, arranged a dance party of women and girls and herself warmly participated in the dance. I am not criticising her dance, she or other PPP women can do whatever they want to glad their leaders but must not criticise the same actions of others. Sharmila got MBA from Adamsons Institute of Business Administration and a post graduate degree in Law . Sharmila is connected to Hashim Riaz Sheikh an ex-Wall Street investor and currently an advisor to former president Asif Ali Zardari. Women and girls taking part in that dance party made party flags on their faces and Mehndi designs on their hands. PPP workers were very much excited dancing with Sharmila and she she encouraged them. On the sight of women dancing, Bilawal and Zardari could not stop themselves and started dancing on the stage. This was the real face of Sharmila Farooqi who loudly criticises the dances of other parties to welcome their leaders.

Female CSP Officer Died Of Suffocation

The postmartem report of deceased CSP officer Nabiha Chaudhry revealed that she died of suffocation, ruling out the possibility that she was given intoxicating substance. Smoke badly damaged her liver and lungs. No signs of resistance were found on her body. About 90 percent of her body was burnt in the fire. As per police initial account, the officer allegedly committed self-immolation. Nabiha did her BE in Electronics from NED University of Engineering and technology. She got top position in CSS exam. She was supporter of PTI and remained president of the student wing of the party. She quit political activities after joining government service. But the police revealed nothing about the three diaries found in her hostel room. Diaries may reveal some thing about the cause of her death. She had a bright future, she was intelligent, how can a highly educated woman commit suicide? While according to latest reports police has declared the death of Nabiha as a result of mental pressure and nervous break down.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Syrian-Australian Blogger Mariam Susli, The Internet Sensation

She has been labelled everything from government spy to a pro Bashar Al -Asad mouthpiece to Kim Kardashian's wannabe. But Syrian-Australian blogger Mariam Susli, who goes by Mimi Al Laham or "Syrian Girl" says she is just patriot 'dedicated to truth'. The 27-year-old, who lives in Australia has a large and like minded followers on social media.
Her You Tube channel has received more than 2.5 million views, where she posts videos such as 'Exposed', 'Myth' The 'Asad Backs Al-Qaeda', if Syria disarms chemical weapons we lose the war'. Ms Susli says she speaks out on social media because she is dismayed by watching her birth country being destroyed. She is critical of Syrian rebels, the ISIS and the USA. She wants to see Syrian army strong and its borders solid.
But along with her loyal followers come her many detractors who say she is fame-hungry conspiracy theorist. Some of her more controversial assertions include that 9/11 was an iside job, that Ebola could be an US biological weapon and that chemical weapons are Syria's 'only hope'. She says she was recently accused by one commentator of doing what she does because aspires to have 'Kim Kardashian fame'.
Ms Susli is currently studying for a post graduate degree after completing a science degree with double major in biophysics and chemistry.

Pakistanis Among The Most Influential Personalities

Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center has released the list of the names of most influential Muslim personalities of the world. The list mostly consists of the religious scholars who have rendered services for Islam. The lists contains the names from Pakistan of chief executive of Jang group Mir Shakil ur Rahman and Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain, who hosts a program on Geo TV. The Islamic center works in Amman, capital of Jordan. Other personalities include Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Gen (R) Ashfaq Parvez Kiani, Dr Abdul Qadeer, Mufti Taqi Usmani, Amir Tableeghi Jamaat Haji Muhammad Abdul Wahab, Maulana Tariq Jameel, Dr Tahir Ul Qadri, Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar, Maulana Saleem Ullah Khan, Dr Ahmad Rafique Akhtar, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Maulana Fazal Rahman, former Amir Jamaat e Islami Sued Munawwar Hassan, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Qadri, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Dr Adeeb Rizvi, Dr Farhat Hashmi and Malala Yousaf Zai. From India include Maulana Mahmood Ahmad Madni, Dr Zakir Naek, Dr Abdul Kalam, Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Al-Azhari, Syed Ibrahim Khalil Al-Bukhari, Allama Zia Ul Mustafa, Aamir Khan and AR Rahman. Other world personalities are Khadim Haramain Shareefain Shah Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, Sheikh Abdur Rahman Alsadees, Sheikh Ush Shareem, sheikh Muhammad Bin Zaid Al Neehan of UAE, Sheikh Muhammad Yahya Al Hussaini, Abdullah Gul, Tayyab Urdegon, Ayatullah Syed Ali Khumenai, Mufti Azam Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyab, syed Ali Hassan Seestani, syed Hassan Nasrullah, Mahmud Abbas, Allama Yousuf Al Qarzavi, Siraj ud Din Haqqani, Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar, Mullah Muhammad Umar, Hamid Karzai, Sheikh Haseena Wajid, Dr Muhammad Younis, Muhammad Morsi, and Aeman Uz Zawaheri.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Model's Beauty Expires A Few Years After Plastic Surgery

recent photos of Chinese model Li Zing Zhi have made waves online after her usually flawless face looked far from perfect. The photos attracting numerous comments online show her having a lopsided chin and visible lines across the side of her face. This is a stark difference from her appearance at 2012 Beijing Motor Show where she looked stunning from every angle. In just two years her looks seemed to have downhill turn and Chinese experts say this is because there is 'expiry date' to plastic surgery procedures. They also say that surgery done on nose, chin and double eyelids all are subject to an 'expiry date'.

Bilawal's More Than One Hour Urdu Speech

The PTV's newscasters in the beginning of the TV in Pakistan, especially in the times of Ishrat Fatima ( now Isharat Saqib) used to read the news watching thru teleprompter, which consists of a transparent glass screen and a pointer (Now a days IPad pointer) that projects images on that glass. People might be wandering how politicians speak regularly for hours with a single word written on the rostrum. This is, especially, the secret of speeches of PPP's chairperson Bilawal Zardari, who does not read a single word written in Urdu. For him the speech is written in Roman. Reading speech on teleprompter not only tricks many but also seems leader is watching you but he is looking at the speech what is written. This technology is often used by US President Obama but Bilawal can not speak without the help of this. What is luck of Pakistanis,those people expect to rule Pakistan who do not know its national language.

Sharmila Farooqi Could Not Answer Anchor's Questions

The questions asked by an anchor of a TV program from Sharmila Farooqi that she could not reply are the questions that every Pakistan is asking from PPP and no leader of the party has the answer. Because they did nothing but demanding reward for the killing of Ba Nazeer or hanging of Z A Bhutto; in the form of power and votes. When the anchor asked Sharmeela what have you done for the democracy? Do you have any answer for the killers of Ba Nazeer? And what have you and your leadership done for the poor people of Pakistan? Instead of giving replies to the question , she got angry and aid he was misbehaving to her. Similar, behaiour and response she showed in another interview with Kashif Abbasi a few months ago. It is because PPP has no answer to all of these questions? But the simple and illiterate people can not understand the real motto of the political parties hidden in the cover of sweet words and dreams of future that can never be fulfilled.

British Actress Of Pakistani Origin Gets UK's Best Actress Award

Pakistan-born British actress Sameena Jabeen Ahmad has been awarded UK's best actress award in 58th London Film Festival. Sameena got award over her performance in film "catch Me Daddy". Russian drama Levathian won best film award at LFF. The 'Tribe' took First Feature award while 'Sivered Water' was named best documentary. The Best British Newcomer Award is presented to most promising writer, actor, producer or director with no track record in feature film or television. Jury president Finola Dwyer, the OSCAR and BAFTA-nominated film producer announced the results.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sixty Year Old Blackmailed Mother and Married Her 21 year-old Daughter

21-year-old Bisma from Gojar Pura has filed divorce case against her 60-year-old husband Sarwar Hussain Bokhari. She took the stance that her mother was blackmailed by the man and she married her to him. When she complained to mother about the violent behaviour of husband, her mother replied no matter your body will get stronger by the beating of the husband. This is however, not known why her mother had been blackmailed and about what?

Females Filling The Gas Tanks On A Petrol Station In Lahore

It is men's world, as is said, and in Pakistan it more true than other countries. While, Pakistani women have excelled in many fields, sometimes in the face of violent opposition , overall, situation of women's rights leaves a great deal to be desired. With this in mind let us look at an interesting example set by a petrol station in Lahore, while the job of pumping gas, is considered exclusively a men's domain, but at this Zoom gas station females are doing the job. At the gas station located at M.M.Alam, which took an initiative, smartly dressed in pants, collared shirts, and caps or scarves, young women go
about filling the gas tanks of cars or motorcycles, with an air of ease and professional nonchalance which makes one wonder why this initiative took so long to take off. Since the station is located in relatively upscale area, the management has no problem in hiring female staff.

"I Will Forgive The Robbers At Any Cost"--- Edhi

How the cruel robbers were who looted the most simple, kind and sympathetic person of the work, Abdul Sattar Edhi, who wipes the tears of humanity. Cruel Robbers! Some day you or your may need the held of Edhi in the form of road accident, blood or any other help. . The kind person is willing to forgive you. For Allah's sake return the looted money to Edhi center, you can never digest it. A S Edhi revealed that one the robbers used to come to the center in Mithadar. He saidhe ws sleeping when robbers entered and hastaged him, his staff and other two donors. Edhi cried during the interview in morning show of Sanam Baloch.

MQM Parts Its Ways From Sindh Coalition Goernment

Though Deputy Convenor of Coordination Committee of MQM Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has announced leaving Sindh government with the approval of his leader Altaf Hussain and MQM's governor has left for London while MQM's ministers and advisirs have submitted resignations , but it may be another drama which MQM has been playing in the past. Whatever, it is but their decision at this stage is correct if they stick to it. Otherwise, Rahman Malik would get ready to meet Altaf Hussain in London as he had been doing during Zardari's rule, though he said he prays the issues between MQM and PPP must be resolved without his help. Neither Bilawal Zardari knows politics nor he can be a good politician in future. His trainers are also inefficient who concentrated on his speech in Urdu language but did not care for the contents of the speech. In his fist address to the people he should not have cursed each and every leader and top politicians of the country. Especially the MQM when he knows they are their coalition partner. The facts Khalid Maqbool said are more than hundred percent right. Bilawal's granfather Hakim Ali Zardari only owned Bambino cinema in Karachi and was a distributor of films. How Zardari, his son and father of Bilawal can buy a Palace in Surray worth million of pounds. How could he maintained costly hobbies of precious horses that were fed on jams. Siddique is right Bilawal can be the heir of Bambino cinema not the heir of Bhutto. Because he is not Bhutto. Secondly, Z A Bhutto, the late was such a leader of high calibre like Mahatir Muhammad of Malaysia or Chu en Lai of China, though he pretended to be. What did he give to the poor people of Pakistan, Roto Kapra Makan (Bread, clothes and shelter) but he snatched all the necessities of lives from the people. He may be responsible for the creation of Bangladesh by tearing the resolution of Poland in UN asembly, otherwise, by ceasefire the tragedy of division of Pakistan would not occurred. With 73 seats of NA he wanted to rule West Pakistan but was not willing to hand over the Pakistan to Mujeeb as per democratic principles. What good deed he did for the nation was calling Dr Khan giving dull independence to Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan for making atom bomb. Similarly what Mohtarama the late Ba Nazeer did for the nation. Giving rental power scandals that we are paying with huge bills today. On what basis Bilawal could be the chairman of PPP/ Did somebody think? He has blamed from Imran Khan to MQM and Nawaz Sharif/ Was it right to blames all the leaders in his first speech? He has down graded his rank of politics, if there was any. Rather he culminated his career of being a politician with his this speech.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aida--The Youngest And The First Muslim Minister Of Sweden

Aida Hadzialic has been elected the youngest and the first Muslim Swedish minister., local media reported on Thursday. Aida, 27-year-old Muslima undertook portfolio of minister of education in the country. She is from Bosnia and studies legal science. She has finished studies in the University of Lund and in 23-years she was nemed the deputy mayor of the city Halmstad. In 2013 she entered the list of 100 influential women of Sweden, even occupying the 10th position. In 2012 the country reached to the number of 43,900 asylum seekers, mostly from Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia. And the number is increasing.

Surray Mansion In London Of Asif Ali Zardari

Pakistani politicians are so shameless that they never tell the truth to the public and always tell lies about their personal lives as well as make false promises to develop and the country, whereas, country steps several steps reverse during the so called "democratic era',while it progresses during the dictatorship rule of army, except that of Yahya Khan's. Still then our simple and illiterate people elect these liers and make them sit on the highest seat of rule in Pakistan. Similarly, Asif Ali Zardari once denied that Surray mansion was not his property when he was facing corruption cases, but in 2004 he admitted that he was the owner of this mansion. It is also alleged that Surray Mansion located in siuth-east England also called Rockwood House was bought by Zardari thru corruption money. The wuestion is always wanndering around the mind of the people how come Zardari can buy 385 acre home in England. The estate agent says this mansion has fascinating past and and all sorts of strange parties have been organised by the tenants of the mansion. Local estate agent also told that mansion is in good condition but to renovate it according to the modern era several thousand pounds will have to be spent. Asif Ali Zardari had spent more than 300,000 pounds on its renovation. The Surray Palace also called Fine Edwardian Arts And Craft Mansion has 15 bedrooms with Golden doorways and decorative roofs painted and two farms on 385 acres of land with pub and golf course. Former president was also alleged for hosting elegant parties in his mansion for leaders. The videos and images posted on social media revealed hundreds of vulgar parties in the house and grounds in Holoween fancy dresses.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Are Malala and Murad Saeed Of PTI Getting Married?

There is a buzz on social media whether Malala Yousafzai and PTI's Murad Saeed are getting married. Though media and paparazi type journalists are always wandering for the news about the personal lives of celebrities. Some are factual and some only rumours that disturbs the personal lives of personalities. The news is rounding on Facebook and some say that Saeed Khan the father of PTI MNA Murad Saeed has confirmed the news of his son's marriage with Malala. However the date and venue have not been revealed due to the security reasons. It is the tradition of Pathans that they get their daughters married in younger age compared to other sects or highly educated girls and in ultra-high society.

Some Models Dating A-List Stars

*-- It is Bradley Cooper! The 'Hangover'star and British model Suki Waterhouse going strong since March 2013.
*-- Kalvin Klein model Toni Garrn is not the first looker to succumb to the charms of a former child star. Some might say her beau's appetite for models is of titanic proportions. Who is he?
*-- Leonardo DiCaprio the 'Titanic' star and German import Toni Garrn were first spotted together in June 2013.
*-- Vogue cover girl Rhea Durham helped transform her actor hubby into real family man. Who is he? Mark Wahlberg! The "Tranformers: and 'age of Extinction' star and model Rhea Durham have been an item since 2001 and have four kids together.
*-- Olivia Culpo won the Miss USA title in 2012. The following year she won the heart of a boy bander, Who? Nick Jonas. The " Jealous" singer and former Miss USA Olivia Culpo are still going strong.

Education Standard Is Alarmingly Decreasing In Pakistan

A nation can never join the race of development and prosperity with the developing and developed countries until it focuses its full attention on the high standard of education in the country. Pakistan is a living example of poor education, poor facilities for education in the country and this is only because we are ruled and have been ruled by illiterate people. They do not know the value of education for the development of the nation. That is why I do not consider a matriculate person a literate one, I take only graduate among the literates but not educated ones, in my opinion only post graduate can be said an educated one but not highly educated. I take only PhDs as highly educated persons. When I see the minister from poor African countries like Ghhana, Nigeria and even Persian Gulf states having PhD degrees while our country's counterparts talking to them are uneducated knowing nothing about the affairs of their ministries and depending upon the secretaries. They even can not answer the questions about their ministries and so avoid attending assembly sessions. This is only because our uneducated rulers spend 2-3% of GDP on education. The result is private educational institutions are growing like mushrooms in every nook and corner of the country. These commercial institutions only care for their higher amount of fees not for the standard of education. They direct their staff to give 99.5, 99.6 or higher marks to their students and their parents get happy that their kids are having best education. Countries like Sri Lanka ans Malaysia have 100 percent literacy rate while, our rulers though claim 45 % but actually it is not more than 20 %. The ;low educational standard is visible in the result of 2014 exam for Central Superior Services that only 3.3 percent of the candidates could clear the written test. Only 439 candidates out of 13, 170 could pass the exam. May be these could pass the exam after lenient marking policy might have been adopted for the papers. These CSP officers are the future rulers because as I have already said this bureaucracy runs the government not the ministers or prime minister of Pakistan. Unfortunate are the people of Pakistan. Its rulers never highlighted their policy about education. Because their children are studying in the USA or Europe the countries which are always cursed by them and politicians. Feudal lords, who have captured assemblies are also against the education of the children of their tenants and slaves. How this country would develop? Revolution like that of Khumeini? That may kill 80 million people out of 180 then pure patriot people will survive? Who will bring the revolution? Qadri, Imran Khan or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi? Pakistanis themselves have to think.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aishwarya Rai's Come Back On Silver Screen

Aishwarya Rai will be making come back on silver screen with action film "jazbaa". She will be seen performing some hard-core stunts in her upcoming come-back film "Jazbaa". Recently she attended MAMI film festival to inaugurate it, and some reporters asked Aish regarding her jazbaa preparation she looked at them coyly and shook her finger indicating that she would be answering any Jazbaa related questions just yet. Her husband Abishekk was heard saying Ash will begin shooting for the film by the end of this year. The action-pack film will have some demure dame perform some high octave stunts.

A Female CSP Officer Found Burned To Death In Her Hostel Room

An accounts group probationer was found burnt to death in her hostel room at the Audit and Accounts Training Institute in Gulberg, Lahore, yesterday. Police declared the death as self-immolation in the light of initial investigation and evidences collected from the crime scene. However, the family and the colleagues ruled out the possibility of suicide. Nabiha Chaudhary, 27, of Karachi was engulfed in flames when hostel staff and other trainee officers broke into her room. Director General of the institute Shahzad Raza told that it was premature to establish if Nabiha had committed suicide. Up to 14 probationers are living in the hostel where incident took place. SP Crime Investigation Agency Umar Virk said though it was premature to establish the cause of fire. He said circumstances at the crime scene suggest that woman committed suicide and a bottle of petrol was found in the room. He said a peon had provided petrol to the victim on her request on Wednesday. Other women officers told reporters that Nabiha was religious-minded and had a strong willpower. One of her colleagues said she did not attend classes on Wednesday and seemed visibly disturbed. She said Nabiha came to class for a while and soon left it. Later shhe was found standing in the courtyard of the academy. Victim's mother Seemi Saleem said the her daughter spoke to her on phone same day at 2PM and she was normal in her conversation. Her daughter had no domestic dispute. Mrs Saleem said her daughter was a brilliant officer and could not end her life in such a way. Mrs Saleem suffered second tragedy in her life. Her husband Dr Saleem Chaudhry, who was principal Dawood Engineering College was murdered by activists of a political party in Karachi. He was honoured with Sita e Imtiaz. SP Model Town Dr Rizwan said that police seized a petrol bottle, a match box and three diaries from her room. But what about mobile phone? which every body owns and that could reveal several facts?

Ebola Virus Can Reach Pakistan Sooner Or Later

world Health Organization (WHO) has issued warning to Pakistan that Ebola virus could reach the country sooner or later. The WHO warning stated that it would be a major challenge for the country to stop the virus spread. In the fear of Ebola virus provincial government have started preparations ( Are these preparations like the control of Dengue virus ?) and isolation wards will be established for the patients. Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar has said screening counters will be established at all the international airports in the country. Meanwhile, the UN's Ebola Mission chief has said the world is falling behind in the race to curtail the virus, which has killed more than 4,000 people in West Africa. WHO says 4,447 have died due to disease outbreak, mainly in West Africa.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Poetry= Hayat e Gumgashta (Lost Life)--20

*-- Kia yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (Do you remember, there was a boy and a girl) *-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein Larki Jo Kho Jati Hae Larka Jub Pardes Mein Tha (Do you remember, the girl got lost when the boy was out of the country) *-- Larki kay Baghair Larkay Ko Gaoon Sona Sona Lagta Hae ( The boy feels the village barren and unattractive without the girl) *-- Yadeen Woh Samaitay Larki ki Gaoon say Rawana Hota Hae (Wraping all the memories of the girl, the boy leaves the village) *-- Dor Bahut Dor kay Ekk Shehr Mein Ja Rukta Hae ( He Stops in a Far flung city To Stay) *-- Aur Daftar Mein Mulazim Hota Hae ( He gets employment in An Office) *-- Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Atay Hein Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (Continued) Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir

Robert Kardashian Sr Is Khloe's Dad--- Kris Jenner

For years people have questioned if Khloe Kardashian is actually a Kardashian. And for years, Khloe or her family have either laughed at claims she is not or confirmed she is indeed Robert Kardashian Sr's third daughter. Now it is Kris Jenner's turn to prove because, like, what else is she doing on a Sunday night. In an episode Beyond Candid with Giuliana on E! other night, the 58-year-old matriarch discussed a myriad of topics including life with Robert, Khloe's birth and dating after divorcing Bruce Jenner.
She explained while pregnant with Khloe, their entire family was hoping for a boy. When the now 30-year-old made her big arrival, Kris worried how the family would react. Naturally, they were ecstatic and pointed out how much she looked like Robert's mother. There you have it, Guys! She looked like grandma Kardashian. Not O.J.Simpson's mother or anyone else who people claim to be her real dad. Kris had also no problem talking about dating again just two weeks after ending her 25 years marriage to Bruce Jenner.
Is anyone really shocked the woman's talking about finding love again while the ink had barely dried on the divorce documents?

News And Views-- Wednesday, Oct 15,2014

*-- Bilawal Zardari visited Liari in Karachi and met with the people. He has started participating in active politics. *-- Supreme court has directed federal government to appoint Chief Election Commissioner within two weeks and present bill for local bodies election within two days. *-- India continues violating LoC and is shelling on civilian population. *-- Upper house has asked for presenting the details of paid income taxes of prime minister and president. *-- Local bodies election will be held on Nov 15 in KPK-- Imran Khan. *-- Asif Ali Zardari inaugurated the seventh biggest mosque of the world in Bahria Town Lahore. *-- Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala's name has been included in the list of most influential teenagers of the world. The list prepared by Times magazine also include 16-year-old daughter Malia Malia and 13-year-old Sasha of president Obama, and 17-year-old Greamy Award Winner singer Lorday of New Zealand. *-- India has banned admission of girls in government schools. *-- The 13th youth performing arts festival will begin in Lahore tomorrow. *-- Noman Habib will perform in India TV serial 'Parwaz'.
*-- Indian actress Sonakshi performed with Rajni Kant and performed an important song in film "Langah". She also performed as singer in Tamil language.

Asifa Will Soon Enter Politics-- Asif Zardari

After the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's grandson, Biawal Zardari, his younger sister Asifa Zardari is ready to enter Pakistan's politics. This was said by her father and former president and PPP's co chairman Asif Ali Zardai. Asif Zardari also criticised Imran Khan that a 60-year old man was claiming that he was the leader of Pakistani youth. Imran Khan rightly claims he is the leader of young generation while Zardari family has to take another Janam (Birth) to be the same.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Playboy Model Apologised For Photoshoots Next To Budha Statue

In a recent photoshoot German playboy girl Nasia Jensen modelled next to Budha statue in several provocative poses. This has hurt the sentiments of many people. The pictures appeared on an online adult American magazine. Social media users were angered and voiced their rage online. They had sent Twitter messages criticising her and she has since apologised. After being trolled the model posted a Twitter message apologising for her action and said she had removed the photos. She wrote, " I never meant to disrespect Budha, when I work i have to pose wherever I get told to pose, I am really sorry I feel bad, I removed the pics.".

Top TTP Leaders Are Joining ISIS

Five top leaders of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan including its spokesperson Shahid Ullah Shahid have joined Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria. According to reports the leaders who joined ISIS are Ameer of Orak Zai Agency, Kurram Agency Ammir. Ameer Fateh Gul Zaman of Khyber Agency, Mufti Hassan from Peshawar and Khalid Masood. It was reported earlier, that TTP had been weakened and many of its leaders are going to join other fighter groups. It can be taken in otyer sense that TTP has weakened in terms of funding that can not afford lavish livings and facilities of top leaders like satellite phones, land cruzers and modern arms etc.