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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pakistani Government's Friend Modi Is Replying Talks With Bullets

As it was expected that the extremist Hindu prime minister, the killer of hundreds of Gujrat Muslims will seek excuse to attack Pakistan, though our government was too eager to extend hands of friendship to him by sending gifts of Mangoes and Saris. However, congress leaders had some sense of the drastic destruction of the region due to the war between the two nuclear-power states. But, Modi goes out of senses in the enemity of Muslims and Pakistan. The friend of PML (N) has said that they taught lesson to Pakistan and it not violate the cease fire again. Whereas, India violated the LoC 31 times during the last few months and martyred scores of Pakistanis. Why our government is afraid of Indians? Do they have some interests in India? like wealth, property, and factories? Pakistani nation is fortunate because our brave military can reply the bullets with bullets, if India violates the LoC our courageous army reply any aggression from worst enemy, as against coward government. Government did not raise its protest against India as it had to be on International level.

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