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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharmila Farooqi Could Not Answer Anchor's Questions

The questions asked by an anchor of a TV program from Sharmila Farooqi that she could not reply are the questions that every Pakistan is asking from PPP and no leader of the party has the answer. Because they did nothing but demanding reward for the killing of Ba Nazeer or hanging of Z A Bhutto; in the form of power and votes. When the anchor asked Sharmeela what have you done for the democracy? Do you have any answer for the killers of Ba Nazeer? And what have you and your leadership done for the poor people of Pakistan? Instead of giving replies to the question , she got angry and aid he was misbehaving to her. Similar, behaiour and response she showed in another interview with Kashif Abbasi a few months ago. It is because PPP has no answer to all of these questions? But the simple and illiterate people can not understand the real motto of the political parties hidden in the cover of sweet words and dreams of future that can never be fulfilled.

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