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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Female CSP Officer Died Of Suffocation

The postmartem report of deceased CSP officer Nabiha Chaudhry revealed that she died of suffocation, ruling out the possibility that she was given intoxicating substance. Smoke badly damaged her liver and lungs. No signs of resistance were found on her body. About 90 percent of her body was burnt in the fire. As per police initial account, the officer allegedly committed self-immolation. Nabiha did her BE in Electronics from NED University of Engineering and technology. She got top position in CSS exam. She was supporter of PTI and remained president of the student wing of the party. She quit political activities after joining government service. But the police revealed nothing about the three diaries found in her hostel room. Diaries may reveal some thing about the cause of her death. She had a bright future, she was intelligent, how can a highly educated woman commit suicide? While according to latest reports police has declared the death of Nabiha as a result of mental pressure and nervous break down.

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