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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Craziest Dowries

*-- A billionaire real estate developer in Hong Kong has doubled 'marriage bounty' for the man who successfully seduces and marries his lesbian daughter. The offer now stands at $ 120 million. In 2012, Cecil Chao announced $ 65 million reward after his daughter, Gigi Chao who married her longtime girlfriend. Chao said more than 20,000 suitors responded, but Gigi who dated her wife for several years before marrying was unimpressed. However Gigi said," She was a lucky girl having such a loving daddy." after the reward was announced. Chao upped the reward for hoping to find a more suitable suitor. "I on;y hope for her to have marriage and children as well as inherit my business" Chao said, adding that without apparent awareness of the irony, he has no plans to interfere with her personal life.
*-- One marriage may not go ahead if a shining new iPhone 6 is not given as a dowry. A Saudi man has reportedly asked for iPhone 6 Smartphone as a dowry from the brother of girl who propose to his sister. *-- A newly married woman is seeking divorce from her husband after discovering the stylish Dh 700,000 (around $ 200,000) Chopard watch she received as a dowry was fake. The Arab woman discovered the truth when she took the watch for repair and was told it was not genuine. The couple who have been for six months had heated argument that ended with the woman seeking divorce before the Dubai Sharia court.
*-- In the village Mailsi of rural souther Punjab province (Pakistan), in 2013, committed suicide after a row because their father was a poor man and could not afford dowries. The five sisters threw themselves into the canal and four of them drowned, while fifth was pulled from the water alive. The women were ageing 31, 35, 38, 43 and 45.
*-- A 25-year-old woman in India was locked in toilet for three years by her husband and in-laws for bringing insufficient dowry. Gunja Devi was finally rescued by police who discovered her in squilid circumstances and was unable to open her eyes because of being kept in darkness for so long. Police said she sobbed when she reunited with her parents but heart broken when her three year old daughter did not recognise her. She was said to be in terrible condition, was hungry, unable to see, was in torn clothes and had extremely long nails.

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