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Friday, October 17, 2014

Education Standard Is Alarmingly Decreasing In Pakistan

A nation can never join the race of development and prosperity with the developing and developed countries until it focuses its full attention on the high standard of education in the country. Pakistan is a living example of poor education, poor facilities for education in the country and this is only because we are ruled and have been ruled by illiterate people. They do not know the value of education for the development of the nation. That is why I do not consider a matriculate person a literate one, I take only graduate among the literates but not educated ones, in my opinion only post graduate can be said an educated one but not highly educated. I take only PhDs as highly educated persons. When I see the minister from poor African countries like Ghhana, Nigeria and even Persian Gulf states having PhD degrees while our country's counterparts talking to them are uneducated knowing nothing about the affairs of their ministries and depending upon the secretaries. They even can not answer the questions about their ministries and so avoid attending assembly sessions. This is only because our uneducated rulers spend 2-3% of GDP on education. The result is private educational institutions are growing like mushrooms in every nook and corner of the country. These commercial institutions only care for their higher amount of fees not for the standard of education. They direct their staff to give 99.5, 99.6 or higher marks to their students and their parents get happy that their kids are having best education. Countries like Sri Lanka ans Malaysia have 100 percent literacy rate while, our rulers though claim 45 % but actually it is not more than 20 %. The ;low educational standard is visible in the result of 2014 exam for Central Superior Services that only 3.3 percent of the candidates could clear the written test. Only 439 candidates out of 13, 170 could pass the exam. May be these could pass the exam after lenient marking policy might have been adopted for the papers. These CSP officers are the future rulers because as I have already said this bureaucracy runs the government not the ministers or prime minister of Pakistan. Unfortunate are the people of Pakistan. Its rulers never highlighted their policy about education. Because their children are studying in the USA or Europe the countries which are always cursed by them and politicians. Feudal lords, who have captured assemblies are also against the education of the children of their tenants and slaves. How this country would develop? Revolution like that of Khumeini? That may kill 80 million people out of 180 then pure patriot people will survive? Who will bring the revolution? Qadri, Imran Khan or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi? Pakistanis themselves have to think.

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