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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mariana Jimenez Won Miss Venezuela Pageant

A 20-year-old communication student Mariana jimenez has won the Miss Venezuela title on Saturday. She surpassed 24 other contestants and winning the right to represent Venezuela in the Miss World pageant. The show went on with out the international pop stars and Broadway-like dance production that used to grace the competition due to hard economic time face by the country. It was held in the studio of show's sponsor rather than a large arena. What has not changed is the Venezuela's obsession with beauty. The show is the most watched on Venezuelan TV and one that crosses political and class normally insurmountable after 15 years of socialist rule. Venezuela has won more international beauty competitions than any other nation, including three of the last Miss Universe Pageants. The current Miss Universe Maria Gabriela Isler, who is Venezuelan, attended the pageant.

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