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Monday, October 20, 2014

Females Filling The Gas Tanks On A Petrol Station In Lahore

It is men's world, as is said, and in Pakistan it more true than other countries. While, Pakistani women have excelled in many fields, sometimes in the face of violent opposition , overall, situation of women's rights leaves a great deal to be desired. With this in mind let us look at an interesting example set by a petrol station in Lahore, while the job of pumping gas, is considered exclusively a men's domain, but at this Zoom gas station females are doing the job. At the gas station located at M.M.Alam, which took an initiative, smartly dressed in pants, collared shirts, and caps or scarves, young women go
about filling the gas tanks of cars or motorcycles, with an air of ease and professional nonchalance which makes one wonder why this initiative took so long to take off. Since the station is located in relatively upscale area, the management has no problem in hiring female staff.

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