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Monday, October 20, 2014

MQM Parts Its Ways From Sindh Coalition Goernment

Though Deputy Convenor of Coordination Committee of MQM Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has announced leaving Sindh government with the approval of his leader Altaf Hussain and MQM's governor has left for London while MQM's ministers and advisirs have submitted resignations , but it may be another drama which MQM has been playing in the past. Whatever, it is but their decision at this stage is correct if they stick to it. Otherwise, Rahman Malik would get ready to meet Altaf Hussain in London as he had been doing during Zardari's rule, though he said he prays the issues between MQM and PPP must be resolved without his help. Neither Bilawal Zardari knows politics nor he can be a good politician in future. His trainers are also inefficient who concentrated on his speech in Urdu language but did not care for the contents of the speech. In his fist address to the people he should not have cursed each and every leader and top politicians of the country. Especially the MQM when he knows they are their coalition partner. The facts Khalid Maqbool said are more than hundred percent right. Bilawal's granfather Hakim Ali Zardari only owned Bambino cinema in Karachi and was a distributor of films. How Zardari, his son and father of Bilawal can buy a Palace in Surray worth million of pounds. How could he maintained costly hobbies of precious horses that were fed on jams. Siddique is right Bilawal can be the heir of Bambino cinema not the heir of Bhutto. Because he is not Bhutto. Secondly, Z A Bhutto, the late was such a leader of high calibre like Mahatir Muhammad of Malaysia or Chu en Lai of China, though he pretended to be. What did he give to the poor people of Pakistan, Roto Kapra Makan (Bread, clothes and shelter) but he snatched all the necessities of lives from the people. He may be responsible for the creation of Bangladesh by tearing the resolution of Poland in UN asembly, otherwise, by ceasefire the tragedy of division of Pakistan would not occurred. With 73 seats of NA he wanted to rule West Pakistan but was not willing to hand over the Pakistan to Mujeeb as per democratic principles. What good deed he did for the nation was calling Dr Khan giving dull independence to Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan for making atom bomb. Similarly what Mohtarama the late Ba Nazeer did for the nation. Giving rental power scandals that we are paying with huge bills today. On what basis Bilawal could be the chairman of PPP/ Did somebody think? He has blamed from Imran Khan to MQM and Nawaz Sharif/ Was it right to blames all the leaders in his first speech? He has down graded his rank of politics, if there was any. Rather he culminated his career of being a politician with his this speech.

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