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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Virgin Deep Colored Girls Of Qaddafi's Personal Guard Force

The man of moment to moment changing nature of Libya has hidden himself behind curtains. More than 4 decades of his rule, no body could know whether he is the most popular and favorite leader ( As he himself claims) of Libya or a dictator?. Is he with the super powers or against them that can be a drama? no body even could know what actually the spelling of his name is? Qazzafi? Qaddafi or Kadafi? He is of course of a unique nature no other ruler of the world is like him. Where ever, he goes in the world, instead of staying in 7-star and luxury hotels , he likes to stay in his tent. Once in 2008, he was on tour to France with his 40 member delegation. His this caravan consisted of 5 ships, including a camel. Another unique version of his nature is that he employs virgin girls as his body guards. This aspect is astonishing too as he wrote in his book" Green Book" decades ago that women should take care of their homes only. Why Qazzafi kept girls as his guards,? because Arabs hesitate to kill women folk. Women can be trained in a better way and they can not fell prey to any conspiracy easily. Therefore, women are trained not for safety but for killing. Prior to joining Guard Force of Qaddafi, girls take oath to sacrifice their lives for him. Once Qaddafi's Caravan was attacked, his guard Aisha made herself fall on Qaddafi and saved his life while all the bullets hit her body. She was Qaddafi's favorite guard and he remained sad for many days on her death.

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