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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Al-rahbat ul Saurat"--Revulionary Nuns- Qaddafi' Guards

The girls included in Qaddafi's personal guards are virgin, they have to undergo test for virginity before they are recruited as guards. It is also said that they remain virgin till they join his guard force then are fall prey to Qaddafi. But Qazzafi strongly refuses this allegation. A special college has been established for their training. Where they get training of martial arts, and shooting. These killers girls can use jewelery, lipstick, nail polish and high heel shoes. These girls are criticized by Muslim Community due to their western dress and the style of living. But Qaddafi says I have given these firls "power" and chances to live better lives. One of his former guard Aziza Ibrahim, who primarily belonged to Lebanon and remained his guard for 17 years said that the Qaddafi body guards have to leave everything even family. She killed once a relative of Qaddafi because he opposed him. She said that once 4 students protested in the presence of Qaddafi and they were hanged and all the guards were just looking as spectators. She also added that once 17 students were slaughtered and she could never forgot their cries. But his people were calling them as traitors, though they were not like this. She also said if she were thge guard of Qaddafi up till now she would have killed him. Qaddafi's views about his opponents have been disclosed and known now, Currently, a movement is going on against him and he is losing control of many cities, he said on TV that " I did not order to use full force yet if I do, every thing will turn into ash" He has also directed his Malasia to destroy oil pipe lines as a last step if defeat is near. Though pipe lines are not burnt still, but he is going to burn the country and turning it into ashes and rubble.

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