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Monday, March 28, 2011

Indians Have Been Befooling Pakistani Rulers and They Befool Pakistani Nation

From the day of Independence in 1947 India has never been friend or at least well-wisher of Pakistan, rather it wants from the day one to eliminate Pakistan from the earth or make slave or merge it as its state. India attacked Pakistan several times,imposed wars and got success in dividing Pakistan into two parts. It claims openly Kashmir as part of India. Never acted upon the UN resolutions not it will. Brutalities, cruelties, tortures , kidnapping , killing of innocent Kashmir's what is not done by India. Terrorism in Baluchistan, bomb blasts by hired killers are being carried out through the Afghanistan which is nearer to them than Pakistan. blocking the water of Pakistani rivers, constructing dams illegally on the Pakistani water. What India has done to Pakistan as a friend? Rulers may see while people who has the highest vision and understanding than them do not see any hope of goodwill from India. Every time any "so called" dialogue is held between the two countries, India takes up the Bombay attack issue or any other ordinary issue and breaks the talks. It itself did not hand over the culprits of Samjhota Express to Pakistan.
Now, to deceive the world Indian PM has invited Pakistani leadership to watch Cricket World Cup Semi Final Match in Mohali. This called Cricket Diplomacy, our "Wise Leadership " is expecting a breakthrough on the long disputed issue. Who is making fool of whom? What will be as announced in the last that both countries have agreed to carry on talks and dialogue in future. This cricket diplomacy was carried out by General Zia and Former president Parvez Musharraf. What happene/ any fruitful result came to light? At least Zia made Rajev Ghandi understasnd not to attack Pakistan, because Pakistan had constructed Atom Bomb and answer in the form of Bomb. And Zia succeeded in convey his message. This all is wastage of time of nation.

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