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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Strange Ruler Of Libya

The Libyan ruler till now (May or may not be in near future) is a strange personality. No body can imagine about him that what he is going to do in the next moment. Two weeks ago he said that Taliban were going to topple his government and Taliban are behind all the protests. However, other day he issued a statement that West must stop conspiracy against his government, otherwise he will make the Taliban join him and fight against the West. The ruler of the North American country, Libya for the last 41 years is called a dictator by the world. He came into power after a bloody conspiracy during 1969. During all his reign he remained under the accusations of state terrorism and violation of human rights. However, inspite of all this he was never in defensive position but was fearless. In his speech on the UN forum, his style was a unique one and he favored Taliban of Afghanistan and Somalian pirates. His remains on dagger heads with some body somewhere and is under dispute all the time. Once he was on a visit to Nigeria with 200 body guards, when Nigerian Airport Security wanted to unarm his guards, he got angry. Nigerian president himself reached to airport and suggested to get the arms register first before entering into the country with guards, but Qazzafi refused to do so and said he will go back to his country. After some time was was convinced by the president of Nigeria.

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