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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Olga Kurylrnko Added As Headmistress Of Vampire Academy

The Oblivion actress has joined the cast of Vampire Academy adaptation as Kirova, the headmistess of the academy. Vampire Academy is a coming-of-age fantasy romance that tells the story of vampires in high school, adapted from a best- selling Young Adult series. The story centers around a girl named Rose Hathaway, a half-vampire half-human calleed a Dhampir. She attendsan academy to learn how to properly use her abilities and take her place in the world. Zoey Duech is signed on to play Rose, with Lucy Fry and Danila Kozlovski also starring. No production or lelease scgule has been announced.

Female Staff Of Senate Secretriate Lodged Complaint Against Male Officers For Harrassment

It has been disclosed that female staff of senate secretriate is being sexually harrassed by senior male officers and other male staff againdt which the women staff complained to the Chairman Senate Nayyar Bukhari on Monday and told the names of the officers. The female staff also told the chairman that the senate committee for harrassment does not take notice of their complaints and problemd. Chairman directed the committee to take immediate actions against the officers and male staff members who are involved in these affairs. He said that will never tolerate the attitide and misbehaviour toward female staff. He also directed to reserve separate portion in the basement cafertaria for females and directed to arrange separate place for women to offer oprayers. Chairman assured the group of women their problems wil be resolved soon.

American CIA Paid Million Dollars Bribe To Karzai--- American Daily

An American daily has disclosed that American CIA has been paying Hamid Karzai and other high rankiong Afghan official bribery of million dollars. These Afghan officers have been working on American pay roll for a decade. Hamid Karzai has also madmitted that American office has been paying secret money but this was in meager amount and it was used approptiately. According to New York Post report referring an American official that the amount of million had been paid to Afghan authorities, politicians and tribal elders for not to interrrupt in the secrtet operations against Taliban. A former Afghan presidential advisor told that Karzai used to purchase the support of tribal elders with dollars. CIA had been paying suit cases and shopping bags full of dollars to Afghan authoritis and tribal leaders and making itself stronger by bribery and corruption. According to report the Hamid Karzai's chief of staff told that they called it "Ghost Money" and its payment was kept extremely secrtet. Afghan authorities say the money was distributed through National Security Council. Former Afghan vice president Muhammad Qasim Faheem and the step-brother brother of Karzai Ahmad Wali Karzai has also been paid millions of dollars by CIA> Report futher says that Iran had also been paying $ 10 millions to Afghan authoritis for its interests. This process ended with the strategic agreement of Karzai with the USA in 2012.

The Young Guy Cutting Water Melon In 21 Seconds Became Popular On Internet

The water melon which is popular fruit of summer and many people enjoy eating water melon, but cutting into pieces takes a bit of time. But 28-year Mate Jones has no trouble to cut it in seconds. Jones has such an expertise in cutting water melon that he can cut whole of it within 21 seconds. Mate's this video has been very popular on You Tube and 2.3 million users have watched it up till now. While, the frinds and fans of Jones have appealed that his name may be included in the Guinesse Book of World Record.

Millions Of Users Are Leaving Facebook

The rule of the famous social website is endagered and it is losing its popularity quickly, as millions of account holders are leaving it monthhly. According to a report the users in USA, Britain and other are quiting facebook. Most of them are signing up for other social websites. The reprt says that last month 6.0 million users left using Facebook. While during the last six months 9.0 million Americans and 2.0 millions British users left Facebook. The similar trend is rising in France, Japan, Spain, Canada and Germany swiftly. While Instagram is getting popularity as compared to Facebook. During the last 18 months the the number of users of Instagram increased by 30 million.

Monday, April 29, 2013

News And Views--4

*-- PPP, MQM and ANp have reiterated that terrorists can not stop them from taking part in the coming election.-- But they did not tell how many lives of common people will be sacrificed for their participation in election or fulfilling their dreams of coming into power. *--- Army has approved security plan for the coming elections.--- This is Pak army that helps people in peace, floods and earth quakes and other natural calamities as well saves the nation from terrrorists and wars sarificing their lives. Still some people criticise the army. What the civil government do for he safety and security of people? *-- Peshawar againd targetted in suicide bombing. Ten were killede and 51 wounded. *-- In Itasly new government sworns in after elections. *-- World Dance Day is being celebrated in the world including Pakistan.--- When Pakistanis can celebrate Valantine's day why not to celebrate Dance Day. *-- Johi Chawla is ready to work in re-make of "Qiamat Say Qiamat Tuk" (From Dom's Day To Dom's day). *-- India appealed to Pakistan to release Sarbjeet Singh on humanitarian basis.

Instant Messaging On Chat App Has Overtaken The Traditional Texting

Instant messaging on chatApp such as WhatsApp has overtaken the traditional SMS test messager forte first time, according to research firm informa. Informa said almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat app in 2012, compareed with 17.6 billion SMS texts. The shifty is likely to have a big impoact on mobile operators for whom texts have been a key revenue source. Palmila Clarck of Informa said some operators were already "seeing declione in their messaging revenues". According to separate estimates reseasrch firm Ovum, more than $ 23 bn of SMS revenues was lost in 2012 due to popularity of chat apps. Informa said it expected the messaging on chat apps to even grow further during the coming years. It has projected that nesrly 50 billion messages will be sent per day using these app in 2014, compared with just 21 billion messages sent through traditional SMS's. However, it said that despite the growing gap between the two, SMS will continue to remain key player in the sector.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

IPP's Have Received Rs. 1000 Billion More During Last 10 Years--- Transparency International

Avisor to Transparency Internsational Pakistan Syed Adil Gilani has written two letters to chief justice of suoreme court to take action against the IPP's regarding the receipt of Rs. 1000 billions extra by the cartil consisting of of IPP's (Independent Power Producing companies), KESC and fertizer comapanies, out of national exchequer. TPI has said that it had received a compaint about the alleged corruption of finance ministry which has given advantage Rs 198 billion to messrs. Abraj, a great loss to national treasury. According to the agreement government has guaranteed profit on more than 18 % expenses, but IPP's are getting profit through showing fake expenditures. In the latest letters Transpararency has also referred the letter already written to Security Exchange commission in which it was claimed that more than 50 IPP's and Fertilizer Companies were involved in this embezzlement. Together with regulatory authorities these institutions have been paid extra benefits amounting to Rs 100 billion per annum. Because regulatory authorities fix the prices of electricity on the basis of pruduction expenses of the private power producing companies. In the second letter Transpararency has also requested the Supreme Court to take notice of NEPRA and IPP's that had tranferred the burden of Rs 1000 billion on the customers.

Stylists Say Gwyneth Paltrow's Dress Was Elegant

Gwyneth Paltrow made news this week due to two rtsons:- 1:- She was named the World's Most Beautiful Woman 2:- She wore a rediculous dreaa to the Iron Man 3 premier. But someoneout there is a fan of the gown below. Paltrow's stylist, Elizbeth Saltzman. "It is cool, it is daring in a no daring way. Nonthreatening, Elegant". Saltzman told US Weekly, It looked great on her... It howed off her body, it was spirit with out being vulgare." Saltzman says, the 40-year-old was just "having fun" with the fasion choice and critics need to chill. " The point is that this girl has taste, this girl has confidence. And she is not flauting anything but the hard work that she has put into heaving happy body, happy person, healthy person." " You do not see a whole of fakeness going on teir like some other people. She is always classic with a twist, classic with an edge."

Heroine Addict Father Sells Daughter For Rs 30,000

The the husband of Shaheen resident of Kot Lakhpat, Lahore, Fayyaz was addicted to aaddict who sold his young daughter for RS 30, 000 in Kashmir. His wife was working as maid in private home and all her earnings was spent by her husband on his evils. When she could not give him money he used to commit violence. Fayyaz took his daughter Nabeela to Kashmir ans sold her for Rs 30, 000 to a businessman, when his wife had gone for work. On the report of his wife Shaheen police accompanying Fayyaz recovered his daughter after paying the money to the Kashmiri businessman and recovered his daughter. Fayyaz has been put behind the bars.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

India Has No Right To Get Angry On Sarjeet Singh Attack, Did Pakistan Get Angry On Afzal Guru's Senrence?

Though the attack on Sarbjeet Singh was not justified from legal point of view, but was the Indian spy justified to kill dozens of innocent Pakistanis in series of bomb blasts?. He was to be hanged five yeas back but Pakistani rulers are so ahead in flattering India that his death sentence was not executed. The jail inmates who attacked on Indian spy wanted to kill him and wanted to do the job the Pakistani government could not do. Their anger was justified. Did not India kill hundereds of Pakistanis in jails. Did not it kills dozens of innocent Kashmiris daily. Why Pakistani government does not get angery? Because there is poweful Indian lobby working in Pakistan. Their agents are living in Pakistan that work for India. India is the enemy of Pakistan from day one. Neither it could digest Pakistan's independence nor it will leave any stone unturned to harm and damage Pakistan. What the government can do to the attackers? They be sentenced to death which they already got and will be hanged now soon, if they had to live for some day priorly now their days are counted but they did a nice job.

Bollywood Fasion Model Malaika Arora Likes To Be Item Girl

Bollywood's top item girl Malaika Arora says she likes to be item girl than doing as a heroine in a film. Arora said as she stepped in to film industry several offers were made to me for performing as heroine, but I always preferred modelling. Because I will rule the hearts and minds of fans as an item girl. Malaika is the wife of Arbaz Khan, the brother of Suleman Khan, who is not only actor but is a leading film producer. It proves that if she wanted to be heroine she could fulfill her wish in a blinking of an eye as she belongs to an influential family. Malaika began her career from music channel MTv as V J. Getting fame as VJ she steppede into the world of modelling and and became a successful model. She appeared ion film"Dil Say" released in 1998 and performed in famous song "Chayyan Chayyan". This song introduced a new vesion of item songs. Majority of the model girls and heroines do not marry to maintain their career and after fall of the film career they marry but Malaika married Arbaz Khan when sdhe was at the peak of her career in 1997. She is still among the top most models of Bollywood. She is also working as producer with her husband. In a multi-star film any one character can not make it prominent but Malaika got fame from super hit comedy action film "Welcome" from its item song "Hoonth Raseelay". But she got so famous from "Muni Badnam Hoi" of block buster film "Dabang" in 2010 that Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor also want to do item songs. This competition became so tense that top heroine demand more money than a heroine for an item song. Malaika's item song Panday jee in "Daban 2" also became very popular.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sarbjeet Singh Shifted On Ventilator, Codition Is Serious

Indian spy and in bomb blasts Sarbjeet Singh who has been sentenced to death by Anti-terrorist court in 1991, his sentence was retained by high court and then supreme court. His mecy petition was also rejected by the then president Parvez Musharraf, was hit with bricks on head in Kot Lakhoat jail by prisoners. He was to be hanged in 2008, but due to some reasons the sentence was not implementated. The law enforcing agencies had arrested him on Waga Border when he was trying to flee Pakistan and enter in India, after bomb attacks in Lahore. He was shifted to hospital in dangerous condition,and now he is in comma and has been shifted on ventilator. The prisoners who themselves have been sentenced to death, wanted to kill him, as Pakistan government was not implementing the sentence. They were so angery that they hit him on head. Invetigation is being conducted but what sentence can be given to the already death sentencees. Howeverm, assistant superintendent jail has been suspended on negligence.

Fake Lady Doctor Arrested While Kidnapping NewBorn From Hospital In Lahore

A baby born on Wednesday in Gaga Ram Hospital Lahore was kept in baby nursery when a fake lady doctor came in and strted posing to check babies in Nursery, after making the mother and grandmothers of the baby out of ward. Then she took the baby in lap and tried to escape. Babar , the official of hospital became suspicious and with the help of security guard asked her to show identity that she could not. The baby was taken from her and the culprit was arrested by police. Her two companions succeeded to flee.

Rebecca Forced To Quit Sorority Due To Email

The resignation of Rebecca Martison from her Maryland sorority may have been less of a resignation and more of a directive by bchapter, sources say. The author of that hilariously, offensive, head- scrachingly insane sorority girl email left Delta Gamma this week amid controversy sher created. Sources close to the situation say Rebeccaa's 'resignation' came only it was made clear she could not stasy, and will be booted emminently. " thee was no way, just no way, they were letting her stay" a UMD insider sdaid of -behind -the -scene talks between DG sorority decision makers. Rebecca's email rant to her Delta Gamma sisters- in which she unloaded on alleged their alleged Greek Week activity shortcomings- leaked and went viral. She used CAP LoCKS a lot. She asked her pals are they blind, dense and retarded. She calkled them t-gots, she threatened to "c-t punche "them. She said LITERALLY so F-KING BORING and AWKWARD and went on for an astonishingly long time in a borderline threatening tone. The sorority announced this week that Rebecca has resigned posting a diplomatic statement on the web, but insiders say she had little choice. "She was forved out" a source say. "it was made very cleart by the sorority what she needed to do"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

News And Views----3

The bomb blasts in KPK and Sindh by Taliban, specially on the rallies and offices of ANP in KPK and MQM in Sindh show that Taliban are severly against the secular mentality parties. They do not want them to come to power. The election compaign in these provinces of both the parties have been limited to corner meetings. Imran Khan , Nazwaz Sharif and religious parties are free to carry out election compaign. The signs are not good. As on the election day, if such blasts occur there would be a great loss of lives. Diaiologues must be held with True Taliban ( not the paid ones) to reach a mid way for the safe conduct of election with out loss of lives. If this does not happen, even it would be difficult for army to guard against the damages and army may suffer too. *-- Bomb blast in Nusrat Bhutto colony, Karachi killed four died and several have been wounded. The explosive laded vehicle carrying government number plate was denoted by the attackers. *-- People have decided to bring Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf in power. --- Imran Khan. Even if Imran Khan does say, it is ground reality now now no other pasrty can sweep the election except PTI. *-- Religion does not prohibit Muslim women to cast vote--- Decree by Pakistan Ulema Council (Council of religious scholars). I would ask the Ulema, where is it written in Quran or where was it practiced in the time of Our Prophet (PBUH) or during the era of first four Caliphs.? Ulema must not issue decrees blindly. There is no such democracy in Islam, as is practiced now a days. Ulema should revise their decree. *-- Supreme court has allowed to investigate Parvez Musharraf regarding Banazir murder case. *-- Army is being expoited by targetting Parvez Musharraf--- Aslam Baig. *-- Pakistan must take strict action against extremists attacking in Afghanistan--- NATO, While Terrorists from Afghanistan are free to conduct terrorists activities in Pakistan. NATO can not see the attacks on Pakistan territory across the border. All these people are paid by the USA, India and Israel. *-- In the town Odhay Pur of Indian state Rajistan, "Mother Milk Bank" has sarted working. *-- Pakistan defeated Turkamanistabn by 6 goals in Under 14 football qualifying match. *-- Legend singer Shamshad Begum died in Mombai. She presented her first song on All India Radio on December 16, 1937. *-- New study revealed that Smoking Sheesha adds more carbon monoi oxide to blood.

Gwyneth Paltrow-- On The List Of Most Beautiful People Of 2013

Everybody already knows she is beautiful but now People has made it official, putting Gwyneth Paltrow at the top of the magazine's annual list of most Beautiful people and naming her the World's Most Beautiful Woman. But now 40-year Oscar winner is humble about her latest honor. " Around the house , I am in jeans and a T-shirt. I do not really wear make-up. That is what (my family used to)" she told the magazine. Admitting that her husband Coldplay her frontman Chris Martin, even mocks her about it. "He will make a joke about it. If I have gotton fully dressed up, he will be like, Oh! you are Gwyneth Paltrow! because he is used to seeing me in like baggy shorts and frizzy hair. She credits her workout routine -- namely The Tracy Anderson Method five days a week- with helping her to age gracefully. "It makes me look younger and stronger"she said, " When I firts started, I thought, I will never be good at this. YThis is a nighmare! but now it like brushing my teeth, I just do it" The other lovely ladies making the list include, "Modern Family", Matriarchs Julie Brown, Sofia Vergara, Kerry Washington, Jennefer Lawrence and Zooey Deschanel.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Samsung Is Introducing Galaxy S4 On Thursday

The South Korean Company Samsung is introducing new smsartphone Galaxy S4 on Thursday. Thisd phone is being msarketted afer model S3 that has sale of 40 million sets. Galaxy phones asre the second most populasr phones after Apple's iPhones. Experts have forecasted that Galaxy 4 will have "Eye Tacking " software that will detect that where the user is watching on the screen and then will strat scrolling the page with out touching it. Moreover, it is expectedthast it would have more poweerful processor and camera. Before its lauching the Samsung in New York company had run a heavy ads compaign. The ads show a child who is seeing towards a "top Secret" packet. S4 will also run on google's android system like S 4. But experts say that Samsung will change this system to be prominent from other companies using this system. The daily New York Times has written that Samsung has filed two such patents this year which indicate that company has already eye tracking technology. Experts say that Samsung has reached the stage that it can compete Apple effectively.

Internet And The USA's Supermacy

The United States has set its un-necessary monopoly on internet. Specially, the monopoly of the USA on Domain Name System (DNS) is the forcfully occupation of the sovereignity of other countries in the cyber world. It is noteworthy that there is hidden digital address of apparent word addresses of every website. The digital address is constituted by a department "Internet Corporation for Assign Name And Number " (ICANN), working under the USA government. In other words every every web address or protocol is controlled by the USA. In this regard in a coference "World Wide Coference On International Communication " organized by UN Sub Agency "International Telecommunication (ITU)" held in Dubai last year, several questions were raised to limiting the supermacy of the USA in the telecommunication and cyber space sector. Conference recommended to review the International Telecommunication Agreement constituted in 1988. This agreement was actually created to give supermacy to the USA on the world telecommunication system. A participant from UAE the director General of UAE telecommunication Authority Muhamammad Nasser Ul Ghaneem, who was presiding over a session of the conference said that several countries participating in the conference wished to decrease the limit of supermacy of the USA on internet system. However, ptoAmerican countries were in favour of USA monololy as their negative activities may be kept secret from the eyes of the world.

Pakistani Student Won International World IT Competition

A 15-year student Waleed Bashieer hailing to Khuzdar, Baluchistan has won gold medal in the International IT comeptition held in Almate capital of Kazakistan. Waleed is te student of nineth class at Pak-Turk School Quetta. The students from 20 countries including Russia, Azerbaijan, India, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Gorgea, Somalia and Ukrain presented 100 projects in the competition, while Waleed's project wasdeclared on top. Waleed's project Green Automation project is about computer and Internet through which the temperature, mosture and water quantity of any office, home or orchard can at be maintained at proper and required level. The energy for the process is taken from sun and the solar panel automastically moved toward the sunlught and no manual help is needed for the working of the panel. The judges of the competition declared the project of Waleed Bashir most helpful to increase the yields of the crops and other agricultural fruit plants in the orchards with minimum water quantity and with out using the power from grid stsation or generators. Waleed was awarded $ 600 award, gold medal and was declared the grand winner.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Relative Pakistani Females In The Election Field Against Each Other

Where in the next election late BaNazir's two relative women are contesting election from the same constitenct, there Nawaz Sharif has to face the cousin of her wife Kalsoom Nawaz. The sister of president Zardari Faryal Talpur and Dr Azra Pajiho are the candidates of PPP and due to the inilligibility of former member assembly Nazir Jatt, his two daughters Aisha Nazir and Aafia Nazir are candidates for Punjab Asembly seat from Vihari district. The two wives of Nazir Jatt are also contesting election but not facing each other. They are candidates for national and provincial assembly separately. Faryal Talpur will have to face the wife of Banazir brother Ghinwa Bhutto. One daughter of Nazir Jatt Dr Aaafia Nazir will face Natasha Daultana of PPP and one his wives Jatt will contest election against Tehmina Daultana of the female candidates of PML(N). NawazSharif will face two females candidates one is Yasmin Rashid of PTI and other the cousin of his wife Kiran Saira Zubair. Saira is the widow of famous late wrestler Zubair Jhara and is the candidate from Musharraf's party APML. The nephew of Nawaz Sharif Hamza Sharif has to face Aisha Ahad Mali in his constituenct who cliams to be wife of Hanza Sharif. The daughter of Nawaz Sharif Maryam Nawaz is running the election compaighn of her father and her pictures are on the banners and posters of the compaign.

Musharraf's Council Kasuri Burst Into Tears For His Client

Veteran lawyer Ahmad Raza Qasuri, who is representing former president Parvez Musharraf in high treason case, appealed to the court to let Musharraf meet his ailing mother in Dubai. Qasuri, who is the central leader of Musharraf's party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), burst into tears while talking outside the supreme court after today's hearing. "Why a son is not allowed his 95-year old mother. I have often seen him feeding his mother just like a child." An emotional Kasuri said with tears in his eyes. Earlier today the Msharraf's council had appealed to the apex court to remove his namer from the Exit Control List (ECL) enabling him to fly to Dubai to enquire about the health of his mother who is said to be seriously ill. In a generous response to the appeal, the apex court bench said application should be filed if Mushsarraf's travel to Dubai is absolutely necessary. Kasuri, one of Musharraf's diehard supporter was the intended victim in the murder case which led which led to the execution of PPP founder ZA Bhutto. Kasuri's father Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Khan was killed in gun attack. " I can feel because I have lost my mother. Is not it a mother's right to see her son. He is not a hooligan who will run away, but he is one who led this country to the prosperity when in power. He has right to go to the court of people. I appeal to the human rights corganizations to pay heed to his issue." Kasuri gave vent his emotions.

Open Net Initiatives--- Searches Secret Monitoring Systems And Destoys Them In Favor Of Net Users

The Open Net Intiative(ONI) is efficiently safeguarding the rights of net users against government interruption and blocking the hinderances in the way of freedom of expression. The ONI basic target is to search the secret monitoring system and to destroy it. Many countries that fear of criticism on their government policies censor or install filters on different social websites, the experts of ONI remain busy in the struggle to eliminating these filters. So that social evils may be reflected in real sense and problems may be understoo. For this p[urpose, The Citizen Lab of the International; Study Center of Toronto Univesity, Barkman Center for Internet And Society of Howard University, Oxford Internet Institute of Oxford University and "SeDev" group of Cambridge University are working shoulder to shoulder with ONI. All these Institutes remain busy on the basis of knowledge and reseasrch to create such ways and programs that could keep the filtering system imn control. Moreover, the experts advise and provide consultations to the website owners; whose sites get into the grip of filtering system, to adopt new strategies to run their sites safely. The most important role in by-passing the censorship installed by governments and conveying the ideas, thoughts and views of users to each other, is being played by the software Pslphone. It cleans the way of users to share information by controlling the secret censorship through softwares or black outs. This importanttool of the ONI is the acheivement of experts at Citizen lab in Toronto University. Such Reasearch material is alsopublished under the auspices of ONI that provides the latest information about the countries affectede by censorships. It also publishes the contents that have been blocked through filtration or censorship or its nature is disclosed. ONI has also published three books so far, among which in the first book light has been thrown on the internet filtering on political basis. Ther second book 'cyber space' is about the laws and rights of the users, while the third book carries the material about identity, protection, and rights of the user's reactions. All the three books can be read online. The senior experts at the center of the ONI include (+)Dr Ron Delbert of Toronto University, (+) John Palfrey of Howard University, professor (+) Rohozinski of SeDev group and (+) Prof. Jonethan Zittran of Birkman Centre for IOnternet and Society. Other organizations that are doing the same job of protecting the rights of the internet users and providing consultations for neutralizoing the affects of censorships and filtering, include Global Network Initiatives (GNI), Digital Civil Rights in Europe, Internet Society (ISOC), and NOCCTV.

Katherine Russel--Wife Of Dead Boston Bombing Suspect

Federal authorities are not focused exclusively on the sspect in custody but Katherine Russel Tsamaev, the wife of deceased Boston Bombing suspect Tamerlane Tsamaev, is wanted for questioning by them. The widow says she learnt her husband and brother-in-law were the accused Boston Marathone bombers the same way as most Americans on TV. A lawyer for Katherine, also the mother of Tamerlan 3-year daughter, Zahra claims she had no clue her husband plotted the bombing. Federal investigators visited 24-year old at her parent's home in Kingstown R.I. Her attorney says she is "Decidinh how we want to approach this". Tamerlan Tsamaev, 26, died after a shootout with cops Friday after officials say he and brother Dzahkhar Tsamanaev,19, fatally shot an MIT officer. Dzhakhar rtemains inBoston hospital, but is unable to speak, according to some sources, due to a self-inflicted throat wound. Dzahkhar was somewhast miraculously captured alive and in custody Friday night after a massive, city-wide manhunt that lasted nearly 24 hours. Authorities want to speak with Katherine as they are trying to piece together a motive, and whether the pair had ties to any Islamic cell. The brothers, ethnic Chechens, left Russia with their family in 2002, and became legal US citizens. Dzahkhar later became citizen of US. Investigators are focusing on the six-month Tsamaev spent in predomenently Muslim province in Dagestan and Chechenya. They want to know that if vhe was radiculized by militants in the area who had waged a low-level insugency against Russaian security forces for years. The suspects' parents moved to Russia.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beyonce Knowles Is All Set To Take The World By Storm

The "crazy in love" singer kicked off her 42-city world tour with a show in Serbia Monday night in a body suit that hsad jaws-dropping. The long sleeved bedazzled outfit boasted an optical illusion that made it appear that she was topless (with 'prominent' nipples). Known for donning arrsting costumes in the past, Beyonce is no strasnger to wowing fans. But there are quite a few reasons why rocking a 'fake physique' was particularly clever. If anyone is going to find a way to be risque without ruffling too many feathers, it is going to be her.

Hindu Community Outrage On Selena's Bindi Symbol

Selena Gomez may not be dating Bieber. But, she has something in common with her fellow singer today; both are facing backlash from certain sections of society (Hindu community). While many are upset over comments Bieber made in Regard to Anne Frank, Gomez is under fire for donning a Bindi( Hindus' religious symbol on forehead) on her forehead during her performance of " Come and Get It" at Sunday's MTV awards. Officials of Universal Socierty of Hinduism have referred to Selena's use ofreligious symbol as "insensitive" with statesment Rajan Zed telling WENN. The Bindi on the forehead is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance-- itis not meant to be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fasion accessory aiming at mercantile greed. "Selena should apologize and then she should get acuinted with the basics of world religions." Woh! Slam!

Musharraf's Case Should be Handled Carefully---Shujaaat

Chauhary Shujaat said case of Parvez Musharraf was very sensitive and it should be handled carefully. Why a politician is advising judiciary to hadle the case keeping in view the grave consequences of the case. Who will be involved in the case other than Musharraf. Who was the politician electing Musharraf ten times in uniform? Who were the close aides of Musharraf? Musharraf has said he declared emergency plus with the consultation. Who were the consultants? All will come to light. Why some politicians are scared of opening the cases against Musharraf? If Mushattaf is sentenced why not those who were supporting him in all his decisions? People have not forgotton the history and it is not too old to be forgotton. In the the incident of Lal Masjid, was Musharraf alone? The politicains around him day and night were all his advisors and encourasging him to eliminate extremists. All those who were close to him during his era are as responsible for his decisions as he Musharraf is. I think the decisions in all the cases opened against Parvez Musharraf must come once for all. So that truth and lies come before the masses. Those who worship the rising sun must be known to the people and this is the best time as elections are nearing. People must know the names of politicians who was supporting Musharraf when he was in power. If election is delayed no matter no sky will fall nothing would happen. But dark faces will be visible.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Justin And Gomez, The Lovebirds Are Back Together

It started with a flight to Norway. Then there was Selena Gomez sighting backstage at Justin Bieber's concert in Oslo this week. An now comes confirmation that these two lovebirds are really back together. They were just spotted kissing in Norway. "They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on lips" An insider tell the Peoples of the pair overseas. "They looked really in love as no fight ever happened before" It looked like they were back together. Justin and Selena broke up in late 2012. But thjose in the know tell they were keeping in touch. Some have even claimed Gomez was tortuting Bieber with constant phone calls and twexts, despite her unwilingness to become his lady again. But now that appears to have changed . THatis good news for the fans of both he artists.

High Level Consultation Continues To Give Musharraf Safe Way To Go Out

Former president Parvez Musharraf had tried to play role in Pakistani politics but due to rejection of his nomination papers, opening of cases against him and detention in home seems to go in vain. His family members, and some of his retired senior army colleaugues have advised him better to get rid of the cases and go back to foreiogn country. So safe ways for his safe return back are being searched at high level. On other side, Musharraf himself is very much disapponited by the poor performance of his political aides, non-cooperation from his former army friends, and harsh attitides of courts. The treason case under article 6 will be a great test for both the poweful insitutions the apex court and the military and Musharraf has put both of them in trouble. Bilawal Musharraf, the son of Parvez Musharraf has also reached to Pakistan after consulting high ranking officials in the USA. He will take care of the financial matters of the partuy. He also showed anger on the party's financial irregularities. Musharraf has 50 % chances to get clean and contest by-elections or return back to pavillion and leave the politics for ever.