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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indian Army Officers Get Promotions Through Using Their Wives

In an application against the high rankiong Indian Navy Officers the wife Sajata Sahu of a navy liutenent Kodi Kiran Kab Dawala in Kochi Soouth Command, has accused the Navy officers of demanding wives of junior officers for sexual contacts for nights to promote their husbands. Sujata has alleged that her husband also handed over her to eight navy officers for sexually using her before her husband. Koch police has rquested the Indian Navy South command to investigate the mater. The police has also told their high officers that the report looks correct as medical report disclosed the fact. Indian media reported that the high ranking officer at South Command of Naval forces did not allow the Kochi police officer deputed for probing the case. The police investigation officer of Local Harbour police station disclose that in the FIR names of ten naval officers have been included and one of them is of Commodore rank. Chandi Garg Tribune has rteported that Indian Defence minister A K Anthony hasshown his anger over the rape of a junior naval officer by Navy senior officers. He has askled secrtetary defence to submit full report of the incident and if it is correct then strict action must be taken agasinst the officers responsible. In aseparate application to the Defence minister Sujata Sahu has narrated the details of the event and demanded justice. Daily Telegraph in its report about the Naval Officers package "Bring Wives And Get Promotion" has written that the statement of Sujata in the court has stunned Inian people. The Daily further writes refering to Sajata'sc statement that drnking rave parties are held on the naval bases where junior officers present their wives for night to their seniors to include their names in the promotion list. Sujata, who has Master's degree told that she was married to a junior naval officer of Washaka Patnam whose parents and her husband are so greedy that they all agreed to present me to officers for sexual use for getting their son (my husband promoted). When I did not agree they carried out violence and beat me and threatened me to through in the sea if she did not agree to be used by her husband's officers. She said in the party several officers sexually assau;lted her while her husband was watching her used. She said in the party the wives of junior officers put on inappropriate dresses , drink wines and know how they will be treated in the party. She said 30 % of the junior officers wives are used by the high officers in the daily help parties at naval bases. She said id impartial enguirt is done my stance will be proved correct that Indian Naval base Kochi is a sort of prostitution den. Sujata said that in the annual celebrations Naval Beauty contest is held between the daughters and wives of officers. Earlier comlainsts like this have been reported by " Navy Wives weLfare Association" that high ranking officers sexually abuse them in the parties. Times of India report say that duiring the tour of Srilanka in 2010 a lt general A K Nanda was compelledto submit resignation by Indian army chief V K Singh on raping the wife of his technical sectretary the report was proved correct on investigation. The magazine "Sikh Siasat" reprted that from 2003 to 2008 , 80 incedents of rape with female asrmy officials have been reported. But no action has been taken yet.

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Anonymous said...

Well Indian army has no shortage of rapists.