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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End Of Time (Video)

Salaries Of "Poor" Parliamentarians Have Been Doubled

In Pakistan where the common man is suffering from the troubles of price hike, load shedding of gas and electricity, dying of hunger and diseases due to lack of health facilities and carelessness of medical doctors in hospitals, dying on roads due to accidents because there is no one to control unfit vehicles from plying on roads, overloading and overspeeding of buses as no law is there in the country, so jungle's law prevails in the country, parliamentarians are celebrating the pay raise festivities to the tune of 146%. Those sitting in the parliament even do not know the meaning of legislation, ministers know nothing about their responsibilities and leave the answers of the question to secretaries of the respective departments, those who are responsible for providing health care facilities to common man proceed to London or the USA for treatment of headache. Those who nothing in the parliament, get bored during the sessions or snoring on the benches, having 5-6 attendances in the total sessions of 184 days, do they deserve to overburden national exchequer for Rs 1.1 billion annually? Whereas, actual poor government servants and old pensioners get increase in their salaries only to the extent of 10 % per year. Replying to a question in a TV show one member of the parliament said that parliamentarians's low attendance was because of their visits to their respective constituencies, what a funny answer? Can they tolerate the bad smells of dirty ponds, dirty bodies of poor, shocks of muddy roads of the villages, if they say they go to their areas? And did they solve the health problems, education, schools hospitals issues of their voters. Voters say they do not see their members after election compaign. How long these liers will lie and make fraudulent promises with poor. However, they will get million of rupees for just doing nothing only to compensate for the expenditure they spent on elections. 99 % of these parliamentarians are billionaires, still their hunger for wealth is not quenches. In addition to making more money by hook or crook. The worst governance ever seen in Pakistan is prevailing these days. And the Pakistanis are themselves responsible for making these devils sit on their heads. A graduate employee in any government department with meager pay has only 25 casual leaves annually, but parliamentarians have no limit for their absences from the parliament. Neither their membership is suspended nor deductions are made. What a difference of class in Pakistan. illiterate members enter in the parliament to constitute legislation? Now, the salaries of members of senate and national assembly have been raised from Rs 60,996 to Rs 150,000 (145,99 % increase), a 26 % rise in the salaries of speaker national assembly and chairman senate has been approved and now they will get rise of pay from 162,659 to 205,000, while deputy speaker and deputy chairman of two hoses will get rise of pay from Rs 150,454 to 185,000 (23 % increase). Pakistanis! you deserve to suffer and those whom you sent to parliament will continue to make merry and enjoy perk and privileges on your taxes and money you earned by making your sweat flow.

Actress Noor Will Get Married For The Fourth Time (Pics)

Noor Bukhari, the renowned film star, who is famous for her weddings is all set to get married for the 4th time now. Debuting as a child star in mid 90's, Noor was recently seen in Ishq Positive alongside Wali Khan. Noor married her first husband Vikram in 2008, but it did not work out with him. She later married film director Farooq Mengal but separated from him after four months. A few years later Noor married Aan Chaudhary and it was her third marriage. Noor recently revealed to marry Wali Khan and kept it secret for long time.

Bilawal Zardari's Selfie With Paris Hilton

Bilawal Zardari's selfie with Paris Hilton has gone viral on social media. Bilawal met with US fashion model and socialite Paris Hilton in Dubai and uploaded their selfie in his Instagram. Sharing a picture of himself with the US celebrity, the young PPP chairman remarked on his Instagram account " Had the pleasure of meeting with lovely Paris Hilton. Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer DJ and an author. In 2004, Paris released her book "Confessions of a heiress" Which became a New York Times Best Seller. It is unfortunate on the part of an Islamic state that most of its leaders are corrupt morally and financially, with a few exceptions. They feel proud when meet pros (actresses today are no less than prostituts, whether they are from western countries or Asian ones).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

General Raheel Agreed To Be The Army Chief Of Islamic Military Alliance

Former Pakistan army chief General Raheel Sharif has reportedly agreed to be the army chief of Islamic Military Alliance (IMAFT) to fight terrorism on certain terms. Sources say that Gen Raheel Sharif, who gained popularity worldwide due to his war skills against militancy that engulfed the country for years. has expressed his willingness to take the charge of intergovernmental military alliance (IMAFT) on the grounds that he be granted the position of an arbitrator between the belligerent groups in the Middle East rather than abetting one single fighting group. In a big development Iran has also assured to accept general Raheel as mediator in view of the circumstances in Yemen. It is said that Iran Consulate in Pakistan has sent letter to general that it will not only cooperate with Oakistan in tranquillizing the chaos in Yemen but will also bring the Houti rebels on negotiating terms if he takes the command. There are 39 members in this coalition.General Raheel had expressed his willingness for the arbitration during his meeting with Saudi King Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Son Beats Parents On Street For Purchsing A Small Flat For Him (Video)

An ungrateful man was filmed beating his old parents on the street outside a real estate office in China. The parents had given son an apartment unit to him as a wedding gift but it was "deemed too small" by son. In the video the man hit his parents over the head multiple times and even appeared to grab his mother by throat. The old pair did not fight back and instead covered their heads with hands in an attempt to defend themselves.

Appointment Of New Army Chief Was A Sigh Of Relief For Nawaz Sharif (Video)

It was a sigh of relief for the federation, when Nawaz Sharif announced to appoint Lt Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa as new army chief of Pakistan. But to many, it was a indigestible news. However, for the PML-N supoerters and for the government, it was a celebration time as PM has successfully enforced his choice. PM Nawaz Sharif was provided with a summary from defense ministry with four names including Lt Gen Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Lt Gen Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad, Lt Gen Iqbal Ramday and Lt Gen Qamar Jaed Bajwa. Being last in the seniority listLt Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was the least of the choice for the choice for the post, but his 'pro-democracy' (Nawaz Sharif) instincts,' apolitical' background made him favourite for the post. It is also said new army chief is very close to finance minister Ishaq Dar. Whereas, senior journalist Kamran Khan tweeted that Lt Gen Bajwa was rewarded for his role during 2014 PTI sit-in, in which he stood with Nawaz Sharif. Dr Shahid maintained that Gen Raheel Sharif had recommended any other General's name but PM delayed the announcement to the stage where army chief's involvement was minimized. Another political analyst was of the opinion that PM Nawaz Sharif overlooked the name of Lt Gen Ishfaq Nadeem;s name because he was a hardliner and "no nonsense man". Now as it is the tradition of the army to resign from the post when junior officer is promoted and they avoid to salute to their once juniors. The senior ignored generals mat get resigned.

Qismat Baig's last Video Befor eHer Murder (Video)

Actress Qismat Baig before her mu rder by Viral__Videos

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Islamabad's New International Airport Will Be operational By August 2017

The New Islamabad airport will be made fully operational by August next year. The construction work at the airport will be comleted tgis year while another six months will be required for renovation work as ewll as for test flights. Federal govet has allocated Rupees 3 billion for the construction of road network for the airport. The airport supports landing and parking of A-380 -- the largest aircraft of the world. The Islamabad-Rawalpindi metero bus will also be connected to new airport to facilitate the passengers. The concerned personnels have been directed to complete link roads from Rawalpindi to airport by March 2017.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Quantico And Priyanka Chopra Behind The Scene

Priyanka is currently shooting for her Hollywood drama 'Quantico' in NYC.
Mia Moretti, Olivia Palemero and Priyanka Chopra SK-II Change Disney Holiday Essence Collection Launch Party.
Priyanka Chopra visits Empire State Building to promote Quantico.
Alia Bhatt on Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

The Last End Of The Earth (Video)

Tunnels To Be Constructed To Connect Holy Sites And Grand Mosque In Makkah

The Makkah Region Development Authority has approved plans and studies to build service tunnels linking Arafat and Jamaraat in Mina via Muzdalifa, and tunnels linking Jamarat with the courtyard of Makkah.
The plan also include the construction of residential towers on the mountain slope of Mina in a way not violating the sanctity of Holy site. A total of six towers have already been constructed in Mina and these hace the capacity of accomodating around 12,000 pilgrims. The studies also recommended developing the tents in Arafaat and making more facilities and arrangements for the stay of pilgrims in Muzdalifa. There are also plans for boosting means of transportation between Holy Sites and Grand Mosque.

Gen Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad Is Likely To Be The Next Army Chief

Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif is due to retire on Nov 28,2016 and anything dramatic does not happen then Gen Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad is the strongest contender to be the next army chief. If he is appointed as army chief, he will be the 16th chief of army staff (COAS), Pakistan. Appointed as Chief of General Staff by Raheel Sharif in 2013, Gen Ishafaq is currently serving as Corps Commander Multan and ranks 4th in the seniority list. Gen Ishfaq hails from Nila (Chakwal), he was born in the highly respected family of Ahmad Khan Qureshi who sered as Engineer in Radio Pakistan till his retirement. He has two brothers Dr Salim Ahmad who is Executive Director in the center of Nanotechnology at the University of Illinois, US and Imran Nadeem Ahmad Qureshi, a journalist. He was promoted to the rank of 3-star general on August 8, along with three other Major Generals, Qamar Jaed Bajwa, Jaed Iqbal and Zamir ul Hassan. Most probably the 16th COAS will be announced in the last week of November who will lead the Pakistan army, the 6th largest military force in the world and second in South Asia.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Liza Lynn Of Gossip Girl Commits Suicide

Gossip Girl's Liza Lynn, who was from Brooklyn, 52, was found dead in her hotel Nuevo Mundo hotel's closet in Lima (Peru).
She was known for featuring TV shows like Ugly Betty, Law and Order, Special Victims Unit and unbreakable kimmy.
According to hotel media report, she was found inside of her closet and appeared to have hanged herself with her skirt. Police also claim to have found anti-depressants in her hotel room. Authorities in the capital Lima of Peru said that they had found two letters that revealed the mental issues of her health in the hotel. Her husband William Brook was in shock after her death. A friend of the couple set up a page GoFundMe to raise funds for repatriation of her body to the US.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Indian Female Army Officers Are Afraid Of Pak Army (Video)

Noman Javed Divorced Fariha Parvez

The marriage of Pakistani singer Fariha Parez to Nauman Javed has come to an end as the couple was granted divorce by mutual consent. Fariha Parvez had married the music composer during 2015 and had approached the civil court seeking divorce with in a few months of marriage. On the other hand, Noman had married actress Jana Malik while the proceedings of Khula (separation) were still underway. /* Optional settings (these lines can be removed): */ subID = ""; // - local banner key; injectTo = ""; // - #id of html element (ex., "top-banner"). /* End settings block */ if(injectTo=="")injectTo="admitad_shuffle"+subID+Math.round(Math.random()*100000000); if(subID=='')subid_block=''; else subid_block='subid/'+subID+'/'; document.write('
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In India New Actresses Have To Sacrify Everything To Get Role In Bollywood Film (Video)

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Some Interesting And Horrible Traditions And Laws Of Ancient Romans

Rome once was a minar of light in the dark world that enlightened the civilization and culture. Roman empire was the center of grandeur and great pomp. They has formulated some strict laws that may not be accepted in the world today but Romans were proud of them and wanted to obey and follow them strictly by the people. Though these laws were strange to the extent of madness. Let us know some of these. **-- The purple color dress dress was prohibited for the common people to put on. It was considered a distinctive color for the royal family. This color showed the status of the people. **-- Women were not allowed to mourn on the death of their relatives. In the ancient Rome dead bodies were carried to graveyard in the form of procession and mourners accompanied them. The number of mourners indicated the popularity of the deceased. Therefore, the relatives hired the services of professionals. Initially women were allowed to accompany the funerals, but their mourning and cries were so much and loud that situation used to get worsened and after all, women were banned to accompany the funeral prosessions. **-- The husbands get to see his wife loving another person or if he found her on the spot in shameful condition with other man, husband was allowed to lock her in the room with her lover and show her unfaithfulness to neighbors or people. But he had only 20 hours to do so, after that he could do nothing. However, he was allowed to divorce her after showing the people her act. If the lover of her wife would a honorable man of the society then his father in law was allowed to kill the lover of her daughter. If husband was having affair with other woman her wife could do nothing. **-- The prostitutes in ancient Rome were ordered to color their hair red so that they could look different from noble women. However, the women of some species used to have red hair naturally, and prostitutes after coloring their hair red look beautiful and attractive so these women got jealous of them. So they cut their hair completely and were not allowed to grow them longer. **-- Committing suicide in ancient Rome was take as a symbol of wisdom and courage. However, people in the army, slaves and prisoners were not allowed to commit suicide. The person disappointed from life who want to commit suicide had to get permission from saint and if they approved it, he was provided with a bottle of poison to commit suicide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Diabetes Treatment Has Been Discovered By Japanese Researchers

There is a good news for diabetics as the massive research of Japanese Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced an advanced treatment for diabetics by only one tablet per week. This magical tablet of FDA Japan, named Trelagliptin a Japanese name of the medicine, would be effective not only to control the sugar level but also a therapy treat affected kidney, heart and eye-sight due to high sugar level. The magic effect of this medicine is that it activates the dead pancreas to produce insulin besides maintaining sugar level in blood. The experts say all the trials of this medicine have been completed successfully without any side effect. Initially this medicine would be available in pack of four tablets costing Rs. 1900 by a pharmacist company named "3-AAA" just after a few days in the market. An application to register this medicine by Drug Regulatory Authority was going to be filed in the current week. Many prominent doctors of Pakistan have appreciated this medicine and also declared the future of the medicine quit bright to treat the diabetics.

Violence On Eunuch In Faisal Abad (Video)

Celebrities Who Will Move To Canada After Trump's Victory

As Republican nominee Donald Trump has stunned the world to become the 45th president of America, a one-time joke of moving to Canada has taken a more serious tone for many Americans. The news spread a wave of shock and disbelief among supporters of Hillary Clinton. People began to apply for Canadian visa that immigration and citizenship website crashed early in the day when election result began to pour in. Notables and celebrities who 'vowed' to move to Canada after Trump's victory may or may not be regretting their hyperbolished claims, but we are to bring the list of the people who you should expecting to leave the USA. These are: Amy Schumer, Barbra Streisand, Amber Rose, Samuel L Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Raven Symone, Lena Dunham, Neve Campbell, Chloe Savigny, The Rev Al Sharpton and Whoopi Goldberg.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Saudi Prince Sentenced To Death In Saudi Arabia (Video)

Toddler Miraculously Survived When Huge Glass Door Landed On Her (Video)

The shocking incident took place at a shopping mall in Foshan, south China. The three year old-girl was following her grandmother in to the the building when she was struck. She suffered fractures to her skull but miraculously managed to survive.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blind Woman Baba Vanga's Future Predictions- Obama Will Be The Last President Of The USA

The most amazing, interesting and astonishing prediction of Bulgarian clairvoyant is the demise of Donald Trump and said that Barack Obama, the 44th president will be the last president of the USA. She said something will happen to the president elect before he is sworn in on January 20, 2017. She said that economic crisis will prevent the 45th president from taking his office, meaning Obama will be the last to serve his term. The chilling prediction says everyone will put his hopes in him to end it, but opposite will happen; he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate.
The followers of blind woman belonging to Bulgaria claim that the predictions done by Baba Vanga are coming true with the passage of time. Her one prediction id under discussion on western media, according to which Europe will get destroyed in 2016. Baba Vanga died in 1996, but before her death she had predicted 9/11 attack on Twin Towers in 2001, Tsunami in 2004, black color president of the USA, and she had predicted about revolution movements 'Arab Springs' in 2010 in Arab World. According to her Europe will face the attacks of Muslim fighters in 2016 resulting heavy financial and life losses in which European countries. Bulgarian clairvoyant predicted about partitioning of USSR, Chernobyle accident, death date of Stalin, destruction of Russian nuclear sub-marine 'Kursk'.
All these prophecies came true. During 1989 she predicted the 9/11 attack saying The American Brethern will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. She predicted that in 2018 China will become the super power of the world. Man will find a new source of energy in 2028, ice on poles will melt in 2044 resulting in rise of water level in seas, and the cereal deficiency will start ending, Muslims will get control of European continent in 2043, main parts of Europe will come under Caliphate whose capital will be Rome, in 2046 man would be able to make human body parts according to its will that will give way to treating many diseases. In 2066 America will use an extraordinary weapon resulting in falling the earth temperature, after an attack on a Mosque. In 2100 an artificial sun will brighten the dark parts of the earth.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Smog- It Is Not Natural Phenomenon But Man Created Hazard (Video And Images)

Pakistan came on the top of the list among the countries that are frequently hit by climatic changes. Pakistan suffers damage worth 6 to 14 billion dollars, annually. If we only take the damage done by 2010 floods that goes up to 10 billion dollars. Climatic changes cause severe rains, floods and storms, but we are to face a new challenge of climatic change, if we could not take stronger measures to fight it then the impacts of this alarming situation will create more negative climatic changes. This danger is that of pollution due to black carbon. This is no less dangerous than other factors. This pollution or particles of black carbon can cause quick melting of glaciers in our northern areas. According to Pakistan met office the isotopic analysis of ice samples collected from five glaciers in the Karakuram hilly range revealed decreased amount of black carbon on the lower level. Experts say the thick layer of black carbon affects the function of reflection of sunlight in ice. Later the ice reserves start to absorb sunlight in higher quantity and melting of ice gets fastened resulting in the formation of lakes. they indicated in the analysis results that Hitarchi Glacier which is 17 km long has the highest amount of carbon in ice samples i.e. 224 mg/m2. The Chinese scientists linked to Institute of Tibet Platue Research revealed that the carbon particles are being emitted by the steal industry in India and with wind that usually blows from east to west they enter in Pakistan and cause fog/smog in winter. The smog is created by the pollution of smoke due to burning of coal and woods. Smog is actually produced through a complex set of photochemical reactions involving volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight that result in the production of ozone. Smog forming pollutants come from many sources such as automobile exhausts, factories, and many consumer products including paints, hair sprays, charcoal starter fluids, solvents and even popcorn plastic packaging. In typical urban areas, at least half of the smog precursors come from cars, buses and trucks.