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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Salaries Of "Poor" Parliamentarians Have Been Doubled

In Pakistan where the common man is suffering from the troubles of price hike, load shedding of gas and electricity, dying of hunger and diseases due to lack of health facilities and carelessness of medical doctors in hospitals, dying on roads due to accidents because there is no one to control unfit vehicles from plying on roads, overloading and overspeeding of buses as no law is there in the country, so jungle's law prevails in the country, parliamentarians are celebrating the pay raise festivities to the tune of 146%. Those sitting in the parliament even do not know the meaning of legislation, ministers know nothing about their responsibilities and leave the answers of the question to secretaries of the respective departments, those who are responsible for providing health care facilities to common man proceed to London or the USA for treatment of headache. Those who nothing in the parliament, get bored during the sessions or snoring on the benches, having 5-6 attendances in the total sessions of 184 days, do they deserve to overburden national exchequer for Rs 1.1 billion annually? Whereas, actual poor government servants and old pensioners get increase in their salaries only to the extent of 10 % per year. Replying to a question in a TV show one member of the parliament said that parliamentarians's low attendance was because of their visits to their respective constituencies, what a funny answer? Can they tolerate the bad smells of dirty ponds, dirty bodies of poor, shocks of muddy roads of the villages, if they say they go to their areas? And did they solve the health problems, education, schools hospitals issues of their voters. Voters say they do not see their members after election compaign. How long these liers will lie and make fraudulent promises with poor. However, they will get million of rupees for just doing nothing only to compensate for the expenditure they spent on elections. 99 % of these parliamentarians are billionaires, still their hunger for wealth is not quenches. In addition to making more money by hook or crook. The worst governance ever seen in Pakistan is prevailing these days. And the Pakistanis are themselves responsible for making these devils sit on their heads. A graduate employee in any government department with meager pay has only 25 casual leaves annually, but parliamentarians have no limit for their absences from the parliament. Neither their membership is suspended nor deductions are made. What a difference of class in Pakistan. illiterate members enter in the parliament to constitute legislation? Now, the salaries of members of senate and national assembly have been raised from Rs 60,996 to Rs 150,000 (145,99 % increase), a 26 % rise in the salaries of speaker national assembly and chairman senate has been approved and now they will get rise of pay from 162,659 to 205,000, while deputy speaker and deputy chairman of two hoses will get rise of pay from Rs 150,454 to 185,000 (23 % increase). Pakistanis! you deserve to suffer and those whom you sent to parliament will continue to make merry and enjoy perk and privileges on your taxes and money you earned by making your sweat flow.

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