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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Interesting And Horrible Traditions And Laws Of Ancient Romans

Rome once was a minar of light in the dark world that enlightened the civilization and culture. Roman empire was the center of grandeur and great pomp. They has formulated some strict laws that may not be accepted in the world today but Romans were proud of them and wanted to obey and follow them strictly by the people. Though these laws were strange to the extent of madness. Let us know some of these. **-- The purple color dress dress was prohibited for the common people to put on. It was considered a distinctive color for the royal family. This color showed the status of the people. **-- Women were not allowed to mourn on the death of their relatives. In the ancient Rome dead bodies were carried to graveyard in the form of procession and mourners accompanied them. The number of mourners indicated the popularity of the deceased. Therefore, the relatives hired the services of professionals. Initially women were allowed to accompany the funerals, but their mourning and cries were so much and loud that situation used to get worsened and after all, women were banned to accompany the funeral prosessions. **-- The husbands get to see his wife loving another person or if he found her on the spot in shameful condition with other man, husband was allowed to lock her in the room with her lover and show her unfaithfulness to neighbors or people. But he had only 20 hours to do so, after that he could do nothing. However, he was allowed to divorce her after showing the people her act. If the lover of her wife would a honorable man of the society then his father in law was allowed to kill the lover of her daughter. If husband was having affair with other woman her wife could do nothing. **-- The prostitutes in ancient Rome were ordered to color their hair red so that they could look different from noble women. However, the women of some species used to have red hair naturally, and prostitutes after coloring their hair red look beautiful and attractive so these women got jealous of them. So they cut their hair completely and were not allowed to grow them longer. **-- Committing suicide in ancient Rome was take as a symbol of wisdom and courage. However, people in the army, slaves and prisoners were not allowed to commit suicide. The person disappointed from life who want to commit suicide had to get permission from saint and if they approved it, he was provided with a bottle of poison to commit suicide.

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