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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary Is Favourite For Winning US 2016 Election

In a red pantsuit and full of smiles, Hillary Clinton embarked on a marathon final day of compaigning for US 2016 Election Monday covering three states and four cities- and featuring two presidents, and Rock Boss and Lady Gaga. The 69-years old Hillary is used to epic travel days- as secretary of state, she logged nearly a million miles on the road. On Monday 3200 kilometers were ahead of her when she arrived at Westchester County airport near her home in New York suburbs. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allendale, Michigan, and Releigh-North Carolina- all swing states, all vital to secure historic win Today (Tuesday in Pakistan) that would make Hillary America's first woman president (Though she would be as worst as the previous US presidents for Pakistan regarding her national policies), but the ground facts can not be overlooked. she is the next president of the US. The Democrat is looking to lock in the key battleground states to block any path her Republican opponent Trump might have to the White House. "I have some work to bring the country together" she told the reporters. She spoke freely with the travelling press on board the Boeing 757-emblazoned with "H" and the slogan "stronger Together" as she boarded the flight to Pittsburgh, a Democratic bastion that has been her second home since September. "I really do want to be president for everyone- those who vote for me and people who vote against me, we are just going to work until the last vote is counted." .

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