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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Won-Time Is Hard-Grab A Bit Of Happiness With Kylie's Pics

Donald Trump won the presidential election, actually for the entire country, and it seems things could not look any bleaker, but Kylie Jenner is here to ease your burden, may be only for a moment.
This is Kylie completely nude except for all that paint. Usually this girl is absolutely insufferable- she is a Kardashian after all if not by name then by species. But we are not to argue with a little bit of nudity in these trying times. If Kylie wearing only blue paint brings you comfort then embrace it. In her captain Kylie mentions that this photo is a part of an "unreleased project" with photographer Sasha meaning that we expect to see more of this side of Kylie.
Ever since she turned 18, Kylie is eager to show off her her goods. She kicked off her adulthood, if you remember with this racy cleavage shot.
She always loved good bikini selfie, so we have seen thousands of those over these past couple of years.
Just last month she posed topless for a photo shoot with Complex magazine. When it rains, it pours, and sometimes that is good thing.
Now we have this paint covered nude photo to throw on the pile of scandal and shame. By the time the girl turns 21, we are going to get selfies of her actual insides. Well! we can only hope that her insides are as hot as her outies.

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