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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

General Raheel Agreed To Be The Army Chief Of Islamic Military Alliance

Former Pakistan army chief General Raheel Sharif has reportedly agreed to be the army chief of Islamic Military Alliance (IMAFT) to fight terrorism on certain terms. Sources say that Gen Raheel Sharif, who gained popularity worldwide due to his war skills against militancy that engulfed the country for years. has expressed his willingness to take the charge of intergovernmental military alliance (IMAFT) on the grounds that he be granted the position of an arbitrator between the belligerent groups in the Middle East rather than abetting one single fighting group. In a big development Iran has also assured to accept general Raheel as mediator in view of the circumstances in Yemen. It is said that Iran Consulate in Pakistan has sent letter to general that it will not only cooperate with Oakistan in tranquillizing the chaos in Yemen but will also bring the Houti rebels on negotiating terms if he takes the command. There are 39 members in this coalition.General Raheel had expressed his willingness for the arbitration during his meeting with Saudi King Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz.

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