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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Two Notorious Spies Of The History

Mata Hari was one of the most notorious spies in the history. Born in Netherlands she began performing as an exotic dancer in Paris in 1905. She instantly won acclaim for her near-naked performances, which was quite rescue for the time. By the time World War I had broken out in 1914. She had retired but was blackmailed by French to use her seductive powers to spy on crown prince William Wilhelm. Hari, it seemed became a double-agents, promising to spy for Germans, too. The French, eventually uncovered her in a sting operation. Hari was convicted in a sensational trial and was executed by firing squad. In hindsight, it appears Mata Hari was more a snapegoat of the french failures, rather than any damage she had done as a spy. Many historians believe she was more an unfortunate pawn caught in the horrors of war than femme fatale.
**-- One of the most unusual deception of all time was made by Shi Pei Pu, a male Chinese opera singer, who became a spy. For twenty years he pretended to be a woman to seduce and steal secrets from French Ambassador named Bernard Boursicot. During their infrequent sexual tryst, Shi kept his genitals hidden and later he managed to convince Boursicot they had child together (the boy was actually bought from the black market). The pair was convicted of espionage in 1986 but later pardoned for their "silly" affair.

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