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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Imran Khan You Have Weaker Political Strategies!

Khan Sahib! this is second time that you took U-turn and came to the place you started from and obtained nothing except giving sufferings to your workers, while you have been resting and sleeping on comfortable beds in your 7-star container (mobile home) for the first time and in your luxurious residence for the second time. While PTI workers were left to rubber bullets, tear gas shelling and batoon charging. You did not take trouble to cross the police picket even that was only a few steps away from your gate and meet the workers. Our simple to the extent of foolishness and poor people suppose that their political leaders are heavenly creatures that should not face the troubles they are suffering. But, Khan! do you know democracy meaning that other leaders do not know, which is of the people, by the people and for the people in which leaders and workers should stand in one row and leaders must bear all the consequences that their workers meet with. However our great philosopher poet Allama Iqbal defines democracy in which voters are counted not weighed. In which the weightage of an illiterate person and a PhD is considered equal. During your first dharna (sit-in) the unfortunate tragedy of Peshawar Army Public School took place that shook the nation and provided you with the excuse to terminate sit-in, without gaining anything. When you were planning to lock down capital, you did not know the situation that would appear in the form of arrests, shelling and batoon charging on your workers and house arrest of yours as well as blockage of all the roads of the country leading to Islamabad, putting the common people in trouble. If, you did not know you are not still national leader who can hold the responsibilities of 200 million Pakistanis. Rulers always take actions like the present government took, because no political leader is democracy minded. Coward and corrupt rulers are always fearing. Your aim to uproot corruption and make the corrupt people accountable is the best one, people like your objective, but do not put your committed workers in trouble and save yourself. You would have chosen several options to avoid the situation PTI workers faced. Secondly, you claim to bring one million people to lock down capital, but it was impossible if the coward establishment would have not blocked roads and carried out violence. You could hardly bring 100,000 hired people. Your KPK chief minister Khattak did more courageous job than you did. At least he was shoulder to shoulder with his workers during severe shelling and firing and tried to remove hurdles on the road, but on your orders he retreated and went back to Swabi. Khan! I belong to Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) and presently residing in Islamabad and visit D I Khan each month and I am witness to some change in KPK province, specially in education sector. Teachers are regularly attending schools, ghost schools have diminished, monitoring teams visit schools and check the attendances of teachers, so teachers are punctual in observing school timings. Health sector got somewhat better, similarly is true of police system and revenue department. Good governance is prevailing in KPK far better than Punjab. But, still more to do to eliminate corruption in KPK. Khan, you terminated your dharna and turned to celebrate "Jashn" what was this due to, or you just needed an excuse to turn dharna into your common address gathering. Supreme court has not decided the case yet, why you got so happy? Imran Khan!, you are only pushing Nawaz Sharif for corruption what about 100 % and owner of Serre Palace. Are they innocent and only Sharif family is corrupt. In other words people may think you are hungry for power. Make all the corrupt leaders accountable, if they are punished, their looted money is back in Pakistan then that day would actually deserves to be celebrated. lease clean KPK from corrupt people then you are eligible to make other leaders accountable. The leaders sitting around you are sacred cows? are there some corrupt people? You are the only hope for Pakistanis, you yourself are honest, sincere and patriot but make your strategies workable. May Allah help you. Go ahead and crush the corrupt people even if they belong to PTI.

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