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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Former Indian Model Committed Suicide

A 26-year-old former Indian model, Archana Pandey allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan. The model-turned financial consultant was found dead in her residence in suburb of Mambai. Indian newspapers reported that the incident came to light after the neighbours complained to the police of bad smell emanating from her house in a posh Mumbai high-rise. The deceased left a suicide note in which she held responsible her boyfriend for the extreme step. Pandey had been staying in a rented apartment. She quit the modelling profession in 2009 and started working in a production house. Archana was a known face in the modelling industry and had also starred in many south Indian films.

Monday, September 29, 2014

School Teacher Jailed For Having S'x With Students

Harrington Cooper, a 31 year-old married Pennysalvania teacher was convicted of having s'x with two students, apparently enticed them with the most ridiculous line ever. "All the candy you need is here". She was sentenced to 9-23 months in jail. She pleaded guilty of two counts of sexual contacts with students and two counts of corrupting minors. She admits having s'x with males ageing 17 to 18 years. The younger student she met while teaching in Wyoming Valley West school district, where Cooper reportedly performed oral s'x on him. Cooper also taught classes of her husband's dance school where she was photographed in skimpy leotard. She will never be allowed to work with children again.

Dr atta Ur Rahman Receives Chinese National Award

Internationally renowned scientist Dr Prof Atta-Ur-Rahman has got the People's Republic of China's highest national award "Friendship Award of China". The award will be conferred on him in Beijing today. The Friendship award is for foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions in the country's economic and social progress. The award is being given for the tremendous and historic contributions of Dr Atta Ur Rahman to develop strong linkages between Pakistan and China in various fields of science and higher education. Dr Atta Ur Rahman was responsible for initiating a major program of academic collaboration and linkages with Chinese Universities and other institutions as Federal Minister for Science and Technology and later as Chairman Higher Education Commission. Under these programs some 400 students were sent to various Chinese Universities and research institutions for PhD level training. Prof Rahman signed an executive Protocol for scientific Cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Pakistan Academy of Sciences under many Workshops have been organised in Pakistan and China. Dr Atta ur Rahman has also initiated a nation-wide program for training of students in Pakistani universities in Chinese language through video conferencing. Dr Atta's book "The Wondrous World Of Science" has recently been translated into Chinese language. He has 976 publications in several fields of organic chemistry, 37 international patents, and 151 books. Dr Atta ur Rahman is the most decorated scientist of Pakistan who won many awards within and outside Pakistan.

PAT's Sit-In Turns Into Marriage Bureau

Dr Tahir ul Qadri chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), called sit-in in Islamabad for change in Pakistan. In the Dharna (sit-in) an interesting event occurred when three couples tied knot at this sit in. It seems Qadri's sit-n became a safe meeting place for boys and girls and they can marry in the dharna, if they want so, under the patronage of Qadri. Now it rightly turned into marriage center. The same practice is awaited yet in the sit-in of PTI. Two of the three brides will proceed to Rawalpindi and one to Talagang. Tahir ul Qdri gave gifts to brides and called them revolutionary because of their contribution for the revolution. Earlier, couples met their Quaid Tahir ul Qadri and later marriage ceremonies were held at the back of the container. Qadri called the couples to the stage and wished them best of luck. Qadri declared two of the brides as his daughters who ar orphans and are sisters. Though, according to Qadri's objective (revolution) which is not achieved yet, they should have waited till the actual revolution had occurred. . As a groom who joined PTI's Azadi march had sacrificed his marriage.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Emma Watson Threaten By Hackers To Release Her Personal Photos

the world's youngest and the most beautiful actress of famous sequel Harry Potter emma Watson has been threaten by hackers. Hackers say they will leak personal (with out dress) photos of Harry Potter star within four days. According to source, Emma is being targeted by hackers in retaliation for her speech where she announced she was a feminist. One of the comments quoted said she makes such stupid feminist speeches at UN and now her nudies will be online. An image of Emma Watson wiping her tear appears on the site besides a digital timer which is counting down the seconds until the release. "Even worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of epathy," said Emma. More than 100 celebrities were affected by the scandal last month after an unidentified hacker stole explicit images and videos from Apple's iCloud service.

Vietnam Airline Uses Unethical ways To Attract Passengers

Vietnames airline management is using unethical and wrong ways to attract passengers. They are using bikini-clad models for publicity and promotion of the company. Photos leaked on social media Facebook show models posing provocatively, wearing skimpy outfits in the colours of the airline. According to photos leaked on Facebook the models are seen inside the cabin opening overhead lockers, walking down the aircraft steps and waving sparklers in the images which aroused an angry reaction on the social networking sites. Criticism came after Trinh a lingerie model well known in Vietnam posted the images which were allegedly shot to serve Veit Jet Air's next promotional compaign.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homeless Man Spends Each Night With Different Girls

Although New York is one of the famous and most developed states of the world, but in this state a homeless man is very lucky too. Because he gets new woman every night to take him home for stay. Twenty-six year Joe is homeless on the streets of New York, yet his hair is neat, his beard clipped and his clothes are clean and stylish. What is the secret? The secret is that Joe has four pretty outfits which he wears on rotation. He makes roughly $ 150 a day from begging, a handsome money he attributes to clean cut appearance. Most of the women he goes home with do not seem to realize he curls up in cardboard for the other two or three nights.

Crazy Fans Of Imran Khan

Many girls wish to marry Imran Khan, cricketer- turned politician and chief of Tehreek e Insaaf, and seek his attention. Firstly Zoya Ali in Islamabad proposed Imran Khan and then Fatimah from Karachi has dedicated her song to PTI chief and expressed wish of marriage. According to sources, many girls like Imran Khan and can do every thing for their leader. Like Zoya and Fatima there is another girl in Karasch who spent two days in beauty parlour for PTI chief's address at Quad e Azam Tomb.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saba Qamar's Item Song For Mastani 8969

Saba Qamar is one of the young multi-talented actresses and models of Pakistan. She has appeared a variety of TV dramas and advertisements. She performed well and got fame from from many Pakistani TV dramas but most successful were 'Maat', 'Jo Chalay tu Jaan Sey Guzar Gaey', and 'Dastaan'. She is also famous for hosting the comdey show on Geo TV 'Hum Sub Umeed Say Hein' Now she is performing in film and is launching her new item song for 'Mastani 8969' Saba kept on denying her role as item song girl but it has been revealed that she has performed in this song. Teaser of this song is available on internet. Saba told in an interview to the media." I do not know what people think about me" The song is available on internet and people can themselves judge me whether it is an item song or insignificant performance by the artist in the movie as she supposed. In spite of her statement that she will leave the industry if she perform on an item song.

Abdullah Has Drawn Himself From Afghan Presidency Race

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has withdrawn himself from the presidency race thus ending a prolonged stand-off over disputed election results. Announcing his withdrwawal from presidency he said Ashraf Ghani must be new president of Afghanistan. The both candidates have brokered a deal which will be signed today. As per agreement they agreed to form a national government in Afghanistan. Abdullah Abdullah will nominate "Chief Executive Officer" possibly taking on the role himself will be regarded as the prime minister. At least Afghan politicians showed a great sense of national interest setting their agos aside. Can Pakistani politicians be like Afghans?

Pakistan's ISI Ranked Top In Professional Skills

Pakistan's Intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence has been ranked top secret agency of the world among the intelligence agencies, by the US crime news. According to the report among the top ten rankings French intelligence agency is on the last position while Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) ranked on seventh position. Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI has got top most rank due to its professional skills, protecting national interests and action against terrorism. Central Intelligence Agency, USA came on second while British MI6 was ranked on third position.

Indian TV News Caster Lost His Job For Wrongly Pronouncing Chinese President's Name

Bloopers on news channels are not uncommon, but if a news caster wrongly pronounces the name of a head of state constantly, it may cast his job. exactly this happened during the visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping to India, when Indian TV news anchor pronounced the name of Xi Jinping as "Eleven Jinping", resulting in losing his job. The anchor who worked for the nation's public broadcaster made this horrible mistake during a late night show, confusing Xi with Roman numerical for eleven. According to Indian Express the inexperienced news caster was put on the show when main news anchors were not available for the late night show. However, this is not for the first time that news anchors read his name wrongly.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pakistani Female TV Host's Vulgar Dance In UK

Reham Khan is one of the most popular and beautiful journalist in Pakistan and is known for her media skill and airing programs. She is very bold anchor person and does not fear in asking tough questions. Currently she is hosting a show with the name "Aik Din With Reham Khan". In many shows she wears very open dresses. Reham also travelled abroad and shared her photos on social media which look quite odd as a Muslim woman. The beautiful anchor person Reham would do such vulgar things, one one could have imagined before. She danced in UK with a foreigner in front of a crowd showing her bare legs and thighs. Her photos have sparked a controversy on the social media.

Thai PM's Bikini Comments

Thailand's prime minister general Prayuth Chen-Ocha apologised for criticising tourists who wear bikinis in Thailand. He said bikinis were vulnerable to attacks unless they were unattractive. Hiis comments came just after two British holidaymakers were murdered on the beach of Koh Tao. According to source, general Prayuth was quoted as telling officials that can they be safe in bikinis unless they are not beautiful? The comments sparked outrage and the British embassy said it had contacted officials to seek clarification. In a press conference general said he was sorry that his comments hurted people. He had made the original remarks while talking to government officials with reports quoting him as saying, "Tourists think our country is beautiful and is safe so they can whatever they want, they can wear bikinis and can walk every where."

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Naked" Sarah White Claims To Treat Men Addict To Vulgar Videos

In the USA a graduate in dance and biology Sarah White claims that she can take care of her patients better than any other therapist. She allows her patients to do anything with the aim to save their relationships. According to sources, she takes off her clothes and allows her clients to get their kit off while they talk about their problems with s'x and relationships. Sarah has a BA degree in dance and is a Bachelor of Science in Biology from a college on the west coast of America, who calls herself a "Naked Therapist" . is stripping off on a web cam to help more than 1,000 men addict to vulgar videos. The naked therapist said nakedness is allowed, there is an immediate sense of intimacy, openess and trust between the therapist and the client. Surprisingly, I have found that many men would not talk to normal therapists about a variety of issues, because they are too embarrassed, but they feel comfortable talking to me about them as they feel my willingness to undress myself for them a sign that I trust them and would not judge them." "I am probably the only female therapist in the world who can say she has all male patient list and not one of them is there because a judge or wife made him go," said White.

Arab Girl was looted By Hacker As a "Famous Artist"

Hacker as a "famous artist" looted 4 1,000 from a fan visiting Dubai and was about to steal more before she informed police. She informed police when she became suspicious which told her hacker is from European country who hacked her personal data on the the basis of which he exhorted $ 1, 000 from her. "She could hardly believe her eyes, when she received a message in her e-mail from the 'famous artist' asking her to send him $1,000 immediately, to give credence to her story, he also sent a picture to the girl showing artist shopping in that country," girl told the police. Major General Khalid Al Mansouri assistant police chief for criminal investigation said that one week she was surprised to see another message asking for more money. He said emails sent to the girl were 'cross border' messages that originated from Europe, adding that hacker selected his victim through face book. Hacker posed as a 'famous artist' from girl's home country but he did did not clear imposer posed as a singer or an actor.

Scotland Will Remain Part Of UK

Scotland will remain part of Briton as 28 councils voted against separation in the referendum to decide about to live with Briton or leave. Results of 31 councils have been announced in the referendum and just four of the councils have voted to create Scotland as independent country. It looks like majority of the Scottish people have rejected its separation from Great Britain. Overall 55 % of the Scottish population have rejected independence while 45 % have voted for separation of Scotland from United Kingdom. UK prime minister David Cameron said he was delighted UK will remain united and called for national unity.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some Facts About America That Most Americans Do Not Realize

**-- One Out of eight Americans have been employed by McDonald's at some point.
**-- Apple has more money than the US treasury. **-- In Montana, cows outnumber people 3 to 1.
**-- One American consumes same amount of resources as 32 Kenyans.
**-- The first person to own a slave in America was a black man. **-- In America college athletes are treated like celebrities, when in all actually they students just taking part in extracurricular activity. **-- Though most Americans speak English but they have no national language. **-- One out of every 3 Americans is obese.
**-- Roughly 25 % of Americans believe in reincarnation.
**-- It is actually completely legal for underage kids to smoke cigarettes but it is illegal for them to purchase it. **-- Medical errors are the 6th leading cause of deaths in the US. **-- Virginia has birthed more presidents than any other state of US. **-- Twenty seven percent Americans do not believe that they had landed on moon. **-- If you have $ 10 in your pocket and no debt, you are wealthier than 25 % of Americans. **-- Hundred acres of pizza are served in the US every day. **-- Americans spend 4.4 years of their life at each of their jobs. **-- The library of congress is keeping archive of every tweet ever tweeted. **-- During prohibition government started poisoning beer, which led to thopusands of deaths. **-- Forty percent of births in America are from unmarried women.
**-- 1.22 million chickens are consumed in America every day. **-- America is one of the only countries to display its flag almost every where.

Some Secret Scandals Of Film Stars

*-- Famous Pakistan actress and model Humaima Malik married to Shamoon Abbasi in 2009, but it was reported that Humaima had relationship with legend cricketer Wasim Akram, but now both deny the report.
*-- Indian actress Rekha had relationship with with Big B and Vinod Mehra. But Amitabh got married to gorgeous actress at that time Jaya Bhadhuri. According to reports both were married but later this proved to be wrong.
*-- Another legend cricketer Mohsin Khan became the first Pakistani batsman to achieve a Test Double century at Lords, this achievement he made early in 1982. He then left international cricket to follow film career. Mohsin Khan later married to Bollywood actress Reena Roy and had a short as an actor in film industry. Mohsin separated from Roy and got second marriage and now lives in Karachi, Pakistan. *-- Indian leading TV personality Nina Gupta during her acting career she had achieved more fame when her relationship with West Indies cricketer Vivian Richasrd came to light. The captain of the West Indies team and a child opened their secret relationship. The child is grown up and is fashion designer now while the couple has separated from each other.

*-- Bollywood actress cum dancer and hot Malaika Arora has totally denied the rumours that he had relationship with Arjun Kapoor. Rumours that hot and sexy wife of Arbaaz Khan had short-time relationship with Kapoor that began during the rounds after the film "Ishqzade". Actor broke up with Salman Khan's younger sister Arpita Khan.

"I Suggested Imran Khan To Constitute PTI"--- Junaid Jamshaid

Singer-turned religious-scholar Junaid Jamshaid said it was he who had given an idea of forming a political party to Imran Khan in 1993. In an interview with private television channel Junaid said he will support a single person who stood against the corrupt system. He said Tehreek e Insaaf chairman Imran Khan was doing the right thing. He said the system running in Pakistan was the worst. "I do not like to sing 'dil dil Pakistan' in this situation" Junaid said. He said people were fed up with the corrupt people sitting in the parliament. If people get an honest leader and proper system, Pakistanis can become a great nation in the world, Junaid added. Junaid Jamshaid also said Imran Khan was his childhood hero.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Have The Legal Authority To Sell Our Tape--iggy's Former Boyfriend

Iggy Azalea's former boyfriend and manager Hefe Wine believes he has 100 percent legal authority to sell their sex tape, if he so desires. It is all on the dotted lines that she herself signed-- or so he claims. According to Hefe Wine Azalea signed a lengthy agreement with him in 2009 (which means she was not underage) that is his legal trump card. That statement posted by TMZ, supposedly gives him the rights to ," manufacture, distribute, advertise and sell 'any' recoding embodying visual images." She signed the contract to make records and music videos, but Wine thinks that all he has to do is to put a soundtrack to the tape of him putting it to I-G-G-Y. This he claims then would give him the exclusive rights to sell it, leaving the rising Australian rapper zero legal ability to shoot down a s'x tape whatsoever. Moreover, the contract signed by the then Amethyst Kelly gives Wine rights to create, host and maintain website to market Iggy's "works". He could make the website to host the videos But *- Her lawyer would have a field day to stop him. *- He has not produced bulk of her contract. *- Why sell the rights to Vivid then? Iggy got her first ID at age 13, so that she could get "hammered" and have s'x woth older men. That Id also led to her first tattoo.

Iranian Authorities Jailed British-Iranian Woman For Watching Men's Volleyball

A British-Iranian woman, Ghoncheh Ghavami has been in Iranian prison for more than two months when she went to the 'Azadi Stadium' in Tehran for trying to watch a men's volleyball match. She was arrested along with more than a dozen women as they tried to enter the stadium. Twenty-five-year-old Ghavami, a budding lawyer who studied in London, has dual Iranian and British nationality. a Facebook compaign to get her free has been started which gained almost 9,000 'likes' and lead to protest at other Iranian volleyball matches. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it was aware of reports of her imprisonment and was looking into them but its Diplomatic powers in Iran are limited. The law was introduced after 1979 Islamic Revolution as mixed crowds enjoying games, where men are not considered fully dressed, was deemed unislamic. The ban which extends to female journalists has been lifted in exceptional circumstances, but hardliners have said it is needed to protect women from 'lewd behaviour'. Foreign women who have travelled to Iran to watch volleyball matches had been permitted inside the venues but only when displaying their passports.

Sit-Ins By Imran Khan And Dr Qadri Seem Unfruitful

Since August till today after a long one- month sit-ins of both leaders did not change the scene. Though, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif during the first week of sit-ins were so scared that PM immediately called joint session session of parliament that did nothing but talked loudly against PTI and PAT to secure their own interests of power and seats in the assembly and senate. Otherwise, they are neither sincere to Nawaz Sharif nor to the nation. Both leaders are giving new deadlines but Nawaz Sharif is satisfied because army is impartial. That is nice, otherwise a new dilemma had to occur. Both the leaders have no trouble as they are residing in containers having seven- star hotel facilities. But the people are suffering, those coming to Rawalpindi/Islamabad or entering Islamabad. Businesses have been negatively affected. Is Nawaz Sharif suffering or has he any loss? No the trouble is for the common people. A big difference among the workers of PTI and PAT is that the worker of later party are mostly religious minded, religious followers of Qadri. Women are veiled and recite Quran Hakeem and Ayats and offer prayers. While, the workers of PTI are young ones whether they are girls or boys. They sing and dance as they have come to enjoy picnic party. Imran Khan ! Do you know, your Dharna has become a meeting place for young ones, boys meet with girl friends or make new friends and dating are done. Of Course, You did not claim to bring Islamic rule but I hope you would like that the young generation is mislead and is downed in sins, due to your Dharna. If you close your eyes from the serious matter, you can not stop the Tsunami of "Gumrahi" and Zana. Do not you know, why young boys come to your Sit-ins in the evening and at night. If you do not know you can never be a good leader who can lead a nation on the right path. This country was obtained in the name of Islam. If you want to prolong your Dharna, appoint good character people to keep an vigilant eyes on the evil activities. No doubt, the present government has no right to stay as it is the most ineligible government of the history who let millions of people homeless and thousands to drown due to floods and could not manage to control the destruction. This government has the worst governance ever in the country. You can continue your sit ins but be careful and watch around. Do not look to one side. Insha Allah you will be successful.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Female Trainee Officer Sent Social Media Abuzz In India

A woman IPS trainee officer in India sent social media abuzz with her good looks. Merin Joseph who passed civil services examination in 2012, underwent a two-week training in Kochi-- a city in Kerala. However, rumours on Facebook stated that she has taken the charge of the post as new Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of Kochi which led to a deluge of comments from users. Some even claiming they would not mind being arrested by her. Her Facebook photo attracted 10,000 'likes' in a day and then shared many more times.
Joseph, at last posted a clarification that she was not the new ACP of Kochi and that she was still under training in Hyderabad, and would update when she gets first charge of her post in January next.

Kira Kazantsev Is Miss America 2014

Kira Kazantsev, The New Yorker is the third consecutive beauty queen from Empire State to claim the coveted tiara. During the talent portion, Kazantsev sang Pharrel William's "Happy" while sitting cross-legged on the stage and banging a red plastic cup on the floor. She named combating sexual assault in the military as the issue she would want the female US senators to press their male counterparts on. She received the crown from the outgoing Nina Devuluri, the first Miss America of Indian Heritage. Kira is the 22-year-old daughter of Russian immigrants.

Some Of The Reasons That Cause Male-Infertility

Infertility in men can caused due to lot of factors like consumption of drugs, inappropriate diet, smoking, alcohol and damaged sperm ducts etc. However, thee are lot of remedies that help treat infertility in men. Following are the main causes of infertility in men. **-- Smoking:- Addiction of any drug affect heart and fertility. Smoking is one of those drugs which can cause infertility because of smoking heart can not supply blood to the male organ regularly and in normal amount. **-- Diabetes:-- Due to this disease amount of glucose in the body is disturbed, about 50 percent of males lose their fertility due to diabetes. **-- Obesity and Other Diseases:-- Fatty people are usually patients of cholesterol which affects blood circulation. Similarly, high blood pressure, muscular diseases, Alzheimer and paralysis can also cause male infertility. **-- Depression and Mental Stress:-- Mental stress and depression are also main cause of male infertility. Because drug which you use if are of high potency that ultimately effect blood circulation and cause infertility. **-- Vulgar Videos:-- Unnatural and non-real scenes in vulgar videos create weakness and inferiority in younger generation and thus they lose male fertility. **-- Baldness:- Dr Michael said that medicines used for curing baldness have high potency steroids that cause male infertility. **-- Side Effects:-- Side effects of many high potency medicines cause stomach problems which ultimately disturb heart function and blood circulation leading to infertility.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beauties Of Brazil's Valley Have Appealed For Eligible Bachelors

Brazil has a city popular as valley of beauties where men are not allowed because of scarcity of work. More than 600 women live in the town of Noiva de Cordeiro, in south-east Brazil. Most of them are aged between 25 and 35 years. Now amazingly, these beauties have appealed for eligible bachelors. Noiva do Cordeiro, which in Brazilean language is translated as Bride of the Lamb, has a reputation for its female community after its founder, Maria Senhorinha de Lima, settled in the town, when she was branded adulterous and exiled from her own church and home in 1891. Shunned by the local population, she and other women who subsequently went to live with them were vilified as loose character women
and prostitutes, causing them to isolate themselves from the outside world. The lack of eligible bachelors has now led community's many single young ladies for making an appeal to interested men but only those willing to adopt living in women's world. We have God in our hearts. But we do not think we need to go to church, get married in front of a priest, or baptise our children. These are rules made up by men. We share everything, even the land we work on, Nobody competes with anyone here. It is all for one, and one for all.

A Girl With Three Biological Parents

Alana Saarinen, a girl having three biological parents, her mother ans father and a second woman, an egg donor. Alana consequently has DNA from these three parents. Alana loves to play the piano. She is, in all outward respects, a normal, cheerful 13-year-old growing up in suburban America. Critics of "cytoplasmic transfer" procedures have questioned the potential health risks and the ethics what some regard as genetic engineering. But in the Saarinen household there is nothing but praise for the technique that produced their "miracle" baby. Mrs Saarinen was desperate for a baby when at 29, she married her husband, but she knew there was a family history of fertility problems. The doctor recommended an experimental new form of IVF where a small amount of cytoplasm from a healthy donor egg would be injected into Mrs Saarinen's egg cell before the in vitro fertilization with her husband's sperm. When the egg was being implanted into Saarinen's womb a small amount of mitochondria was also implanted. Mitochondria as is known as power house of the cell and is donated from mother end. Mrs Saarinen became pregnant with Alana at her next attempt "It really felt like a miracle" she said. While it is possible to improve the lives of individuals suffering from mitochondrial diseases, they are incurable. Approval of this procedure could help to prevent debilitating diseases.

Friday, September 12, 2014

How The Management Cheated CM During Visit Of Flood Victim's Area

It is very common in Pakistan that when prime minister or chief minister visit any calamity hit area whether it is during earth-quake or flood hit areas, management arrange fake scenes of treatment of the victims, extra supply of food items, medicines and of other necessary items only on the spot to be visited by the VVIP's and shoot videos to be relesaed to media. And the actual camps of the victims are deprived of even drinking water what to speak of medicines. And the foreign aid items like blankets and cooking oils etc are sold in the market. The VVIP's even do not bother to visit actual camps of the victims, where they are the helpless. Photo sessions are arranged for ministers distributing food items to the victims. Same thing happened during the visit of CM of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to the relief camp of flood victim area of Chiniot. As usual management cheated CM and told him that there was a lot of food items and medicines for the victims whereas, there were no food items for the victims in the camp. The anchor person Imran Khan of Dunya News badly exposeded the fake visit of CM. In the video it was clearly shown that a woman was nearly dying when treatment was given to her. But when CM left relief camp, woman suddenly got up from bed and started walking. Media revealed that she was a member of the hospital staff and for video and to show to CM the quake and smart activities of the management she was doing so

Group Involved In Malala's Attack Has Been Arrested-- DG-ISPR

ISPR has announced to arrest 10-member group involved in attack on Malala Yousuf Zai. The first arrested member of the group was Israr ur Rahman, who not only accepted his involvement in the attack but also revealed important information about the group. The group was led by Zafar Iqbal who works for Mullah Fazal Ullah of Tehreek e Taliban. He also said Fazal Ullah was the mastermind of the attack. DG -ISPR said that they will not present arrested group in the Anti Terrorist Court. He further said army is united under the command of army Chief General Raheel Sharif.