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Friday, March 10, 2017

Islamic Prayer Can Reduce Lower Back Pain And Increase Joint Elasticity--New Research

Five times a day, approximately 1.6 million Muslims worldwide bow, kneel and place their heads on ground in the direction of the Holy City of Mecca (Haram Pak). The prayer known as Salat, is one of the five obligatory elements elements of faith set forth by Islam. And according to a new study it helps reduce lower back pain symptoms. Scientists say, if performed regularly and properly, the daily prayer can alleviate pain and increase the elasticity of joints. While other studies have looked at the psychological effects of prayer, this is one of the first to look at possible physiological benefits. The study conducted by Binghampton University in New York, used computer generated human models of healthy Indian, Asian and American men and women to look at the prayer's effects on the lower back pain. Researchers found that the bowing portion is the most stressful on lower back. But for the individuals with lower back pain, using proper knee and back angles during the Islamic prayer can reduce this discomfort. Prayers can eliminate physical stress and anxiety, while there is also research findings that indicate prayers can be considered an effective clinical treatment of neuromusculoskeletal dysfuntion. And the scientists say the movements can safely be considered a clinical treatment for low back pain, as it requires different movements of the human body on regular basis. The kneeling posture in prayer, known as sajud (Keeping head on ground), can also increase joint elasticity or mobility but using incorrect angles or movement can increase pain.

Courtesy (Daily mail UK)

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