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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Actress Meera Got Penniless

Merely a week or so after Meera's unfortunate encounter with police during the PSL finale, the actress has found herself yet in another controversy- this time with the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (PILAC). According to Meera the Institute owes her Rs 25,000 for attending recent Spring Spring Festival in Lahore. PILAC had invited a number of celebrities to headline. the first day of the festival, one of whom was Meera. However, when the actor showed up that too after being refused to enter for a long time. She repotedly began shouting at the organisers, asking them to pay her. Later on, she also tppk the stage and demanded her remuneration. Director PILAc Sughra Sadaf said she was not invited as a performer but was a guest, there she did not deserve payment. Howeverm afterwards, Director paid her Rs 25,000 from her own pocket. Meera said for the last two years I have no money and no work. She also appealed to Punjab government to take notice of her financial trouble.

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