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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Food Blogger Sued Columnist For Libel Over Tweets And Won 24,000 Pounds

Jack Monoroe, a food blogger, sued columnist Katie Hopkins over two war memorial tweets which she said had damaged her reputation. Hopkins in a tweet in May 2015 ha asked Monroe if she has "scrawled on any memorial recently"- a statement which Monroe said was tantamount to accusing her of vandalizing a war memorial. A judge who heard the case said that tweets had caused Monroe distress and she was entitled to compensation an initial 107,000 pounds within 28 days. He ruled that the tweet meant "Ms Monroe condoned and approved of scrawling on war memorials, vandalizing monuments, commemorating those who fought for her freedom" The judge added these are meaning with a defamatory tendency which were published to thousands." Several cases of libel lawsuits over tweets and Facebook posts have been reported in the United States and other countries, in January this year. a woman sued the US President Donald Trump for $ 4 million after he called her " really dumb" a case she eventually lost. This warns us that one should always think before he tweets.

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