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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A New Yorker Has Most Guinness World Records

Ashrita Furman is a New Yorker and spiritualist that happens to hold also surprising number of unique Guinness World Records, including the most number of Guinness World Records!. His first was in 1979 by doing 27,000 jumping jacks. Since then he has traveled around the world acquiring almost 200 records, including most sit-ups at Effel Tower, most number of forward rolls along Paul Revere's Ride and fastest mile on Kangaroo ball on the Great Wall of China. **--
Now the fastest reader of the world. Speed reading is a trick that many people have mastered, but true comprehension at that level is very rare. One interesting case is Kim Peek, a severely disabled man with unusual skills. Some times called a "mega Savant". Peek was able to read books quickly and remembered nearly everything about them. He did this by reading the facing pages, one with each eye. When tested later, he retained 98 % accuracy. Peek was born without corpus collasum- the nerve that connect two hemispheres of the brain-- and no one was able to explain how he did it.

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