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Friday, September 30, 2016

Pak Army Responding In A befitting Manner To Indian Jackals On LoC (Video)

In a befitting response to Indian gunfire attack across Line of Control (LoC) this morning, Pakistan's armed forces pounded three vital security posts on Indian border. Pakistan's security forces cut main supply line of the Indian forces at loC. There are confirmed reports that India suffered heavy loss of lives in the retaliation by Pakistan. There has been no surgical strike by India, instead there had been cross border fire initiated and conducted by India which is an existential phenomenon, according to ISPR. As per rule of engagement, the same was responded strongly and in a befitting manner by Pakistani troops. The notion of surgical strike linked to alleged terrorist bases is an illusion being deliberately generated by India to create false effects. This quest by Indian establishment to create media hype by rebranding cross border fire as surgical strike is a fabrication of truth. Pakistan has made it clear that if there is a surgical strike on Pakistan, same will be strongly responded, ISPR statement said. Indian unprovoked firing on LoC in Bhimber and Lipa sector was responded by Pakistani forces. In cross firing two Pakistani soldiers embraced shahadat.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Young Woman Fainted During Wedding Proposal (Video)

The Mexican would-be-groom had every thing prepare to ask Ranteria to her hand in marriage- he even had a mariachi band to accompany him. Reyna Renteria was overcome when lover German Benitez popped question. She fell to the floor in faint and he was too late to catch her in his arms.

First Muslim Woman Has Been Featured In Hijab By Playboy

Playboy magazine, once famous for bunnies and soft porn, for the first time is featuring a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, in a spread that is drawing both praise and criticism. American journalist Noor Tagouri appears in the Magazine's October "renegades" edition, a series that focuses on men and women, who risked it all- even their lives- to do what they love. The 22-year-old journalist, who is of Libyan decent works as reporter for Newsy, a video news network, is featured wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, sneakers and a hijab or handscarf, in the publication that describes her as " a badass activist". Noor's goal is to become first "hijabi" anchor on commercial US television. Playboy did away with nudity earlier this year as it sought to appeal to wider audience. Tagouri, who has a social media followers more than 100,000, first gained attention after launching the viral # LetNoorShine compaign in 2012.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How The Kardashians Fooled America--Lid Is Off The TV's Fakest Family's Rise To Fame

Kris Jenner was devious from the start. She split from eldest four children's father Robert Kardashian in 1990-after she was caught having affair with much younger soccer player Todd Waterman. She said they kissed for the first time in hall closet of her friend's house and had s*x for the first time in the closet and according to her it was magical.
Kim may claim, she has always been abmbitious, but in reality as a teen, she wanted to be housewife and a mother. Kourtney was a little brighter than Kim. Kim was always interested in rich and the famous.
Her first boyfriend just at the age of 13 years was Michael Jackson's nephew TJ.
Lucky Kim! due to her new connections, the reality star's 14 birthday was held at Jackson's Neverland Ranch in 1994. Though she was growing up as privileged youngster in Beverly Hills, this was something totally different and entirely thrilling.
Moving too fast, T.J. even moved in with Kim in Kris and Bruce Jenner's home. At just 14, Kim told Kris she was ready to have s*x for the first time.
Too much too soon! at the age of 13 years, Kim started getting bikini waxes, and started dieting, trying Atkins, South Beach and cabbage soup.
Kris supported her daughter's desire to have s*x and even put her on birth control pills.
For her first job, Kim started working as shop assistant in a boutique shop called Body.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pakistani Air Hostesses And A French Man (Video)

Momina Mustehsan Engagement With Ali Naqvi (Pics)

Coke Studio sensation Momina Mutehan's engagement pics have been leaked on social media and here are some of them. Momina got engaged to Pakistan-born Us Banker Ali Naqvi on Sunday. The The ceremony was private and simple and was attended by relatives and close friends.
The social media icon took to Twitter to share the news of her engagement, revealing that her less-than-a month-acquaintance with Ali Naqvi turned into engagement relation.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Lindsay Lohan Acting Like A hottest Mess these Days

Poor Lindsay, as you have probably heard has not been having the greatest time lately. Her acting career is in shameless for years now, thanks to her many arrests, rehab stays and all her countless meltdowns. And then of course, there is all new drama with Egor Tarabosov. Egor is probably the sketchiest person to ever come in to Lindsay's life-and that says a lot. She has said Egor was abusive to her and that he tried to kill her on more than one occasion.
Ther was also a photo she posted with what looked like a gigantic painful bruise on her arm. However, no one has too much time to talk about pregnant Lindsay Lohan.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

India Suspects Pigeon As Pakistan's Spy

Indians are suffering from fever of Pakistan's fear that even an ant crossing the border and entering into India's border from Pakistan will take it as Pakistan's spy. Even then Modi is threatening Pakistan. Indian intelligence have taken a pigeon under inspection after it was found to have some words written in Urdu on its wings. Indian officials suspect the bird, found in Indian Punjab's Hoshiarpur district, apparently flew from Pakistan. The pigeon was spotted at house of a Motla village resident. The bird was inspected by sleuths of security agencies and an X-ray scan was also conducted on it. They say they found some numerical digits stamped on its wings and they are going to ascertain whether it was mobile number and the pigeon came from Pakistan.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Who Will Be The Next Army Chief Of Pakistan? (Video)

Angelina Joilie And Brat Pitt Divorce Due To Later's Affair With Marion Cottilard (Video)

Not only that Pitt was rolling around with Cottilard but it was discovered that he was also hooking up with Russian hookers while filing World War II drama in UK. Jolie has also been pressuring to leave Hollywood so that they can live a private life, and she can devote more time to humanitarian work. It is also said that Marion is pregnant with Pitt's child.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Donald Trump Knows How To Be In The Media Though May Or May Not Be In A positive Way

The front runner candidate of Republican party Donald Trump knows to be in the media, however, whenever it seems that he would lose his position in gossip mongering, he reappears in more forceful way. Recently, he is back with more controversies, grabbing the attention of the public, but altogether not in a positive way. These past two day he has made it to the headlines by these controversies. Donald thrives on chaos and above all else demands attention. Whwn the spotlight falls elsewhere such as on Democrats this week in Philadelphia,he looks to shift back to his direction. He is a candidate who uses disruption as a strategic force. Trump veered into controversy at a Wednesday morning news conference in Florida. He suggested that Russians should hack into Clinton's private emails if they have not already and release publicly those that she deleted before turning the server over to federal government. No one could remember a serious candidate for president seeming to urge a foreign power to carry out espionage on the United States and at the same time call on that country to intrude on a presidential election and possibly influence the outcome. It is another example of Trump doing and saying the unthinkable and daring the Democrats and his opponents to cost him politically.

Bipasha's Birth Day Party (Leaked Video)

Bipasha Birthday Party UNCENSORED - LEAKED VIDEO by pakistaniscandals

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cow Caused Helicopter Crash In australia

a cow in Australia scuffled with a helicopter over the weekend when an unidentified chopper pilot tried to round up cows at a cattle station in Coen, Queensland, Australia. It is believed that rails underneath the helicopter got tangled up in cow's horns causing the chopper the lose balance. Though the chopper was badly destroyed but the pilot was uninjured.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Secret Data Of Indian SubMarine Scorpene Have Been Hacked And Leaked On Internet

Indian craze for being regional super power is increasing day by day and it wants its armed forces to be at par with that of China and ahead of Pakistan in defense and war capabilities. So India is spending billion of dollars to build and purchase new and latest arms and other other technologically equipped war equipment. In this regard India decided to purchase Scorpene sub marine from French shipbuilder DCNS that had to be built in government's shipyard in Mombai. It costs three billion dollars and in case of delay the cost has reached to about four billion dollars. The construction work on first sub marine was started during 2009 and completed in 2015. It was now in testing stage and was intended to be handed over to Indian Navy, But the leakage of secret documents on internet and in print media spreading over 22,000 pages has shook the Indian rulers. Scorpene like all other latest sub marines is "stealth" one, however documents have revealed all the technical information about its frequencies on which it collects intelligence information, how much it makes noise on full or slow speed, how long deep in to the waters it goes, how much weight of water it can take and how long it can go. The leak also includes the under water sensors, above water sensors, combat management system, tarpedo launch system, and specifications, communication system and navigation system. The DCNS implies that the data might have been leaked from India side. However, whatever the reasons may be the billion dollars Indian Submarine program is in danger.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Transgender Allen Became The First Female Combat Soldier Of UK

Chloe Allen, a Transgender soldier, who joined army four years ago as Ben, is going to become the UK's first female to serve on the Front line. The Defense ministry in July announced to lift ban on women serving in combat roles.
The decision which is gradually going to be implemented over three years came after US dropped its official ban on women in combat. Women currently account for about 10 % of British military personnel.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Altaf Hussain's New Hate Speech (Video)

Brahumdagh Bugti will Get Indian Passport

Exiled Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti is to get Indian passport after long negotiations with Indian authorities. It has been confirmed that India will grant citizenship to Brahumdagh Bugti and his key aides to facilitate them to move around freely in the world and publicize "Indian Cause" and work against Pakistan. However, his asylum application was turned down by the Swiss Immigration authorities. His trusted aides Sher Myhammad Bugti and Azizullag Bugti will also be granted Indian citizenship. Modi is openly supporting people working against Pakistan but Pakistan's leaders are silent and can not say a word of condemnation to Modi, can we call them Patriots?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Father Attempted To Marry 12 Year-Old Step Daughter (Video)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Momina Mustesan's New Song " I Am The Path" Goes Viral (Video)

Coke Studio Sensation Momina Mustehsan's new track fifth episode has been released and this is making rounds on social media. The song Main Raasta (I am The Path) produced by Noori is co performed by Momina and Junaid Khanunder the direction of Strings. .

Blood Needed For Thallasaemia Patient

Blood of any group preferably from the residents of Rawalpindi/Islamabad is needed for the baby girl(Thallasaemia Major Patient, age two and a half year) that would be exchanged to her blood group (B Pos) by Armed Forces Institute for Transfusion (AFIT), where she is registered. The kind donor will have to take trouble to come to AFIT, in Rawalpindi Saddar and there blood will be donated. I will accompany the donor. Kindly cooperate in noble task in donating blood for the above innocent lovely baby. May Allah bless you. Kindly contact on cell # 0346-7849312 or 03339970626.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Most terrifying Airport Runways In The World (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded and Burnt Jeep

If you are the owner of a Galaxy Note 7, It is now your best chance to take the advantage of Samsung's exchange or refund policy related to the device, because care is always better than cure. Nobody wants to get hurt or or even put his own or appliance's security at stake for a love of device. Yes, the Galaxy Note 7 has become a 'life threat' for its users. Complaints against the device were started out when initially two incidents took place, but this has been turned out to be worldwide recall with yet another Note 7 spontaneously exploding in to flames whilst on charge. There has been many cases reported of the explosion of the device while on charge. California man left his device in car for charging and went out to pick his child from school when he came back he saw his house engulfed un flames and fire fighter services were already busy to tackle the blaze. In another separate case jeep was burnt when his owner connected the Galaxy Note 7 on charge in the vehicle that exploded.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Iranians Are Not Muslims-Saudi Grand Mufti

Saudi Arab's Grand Mufti (Top Cleric) said,"' Iranians are "Not Muslims" after Iran's supreme leader launched a fresh tirade over the handling of Hajj Pilgrimages. 'We must understand they are not Muslims, they are children of Magi and their hostility towards Muslims is an old one. Specially with the people of 'Sunna' when he referred to the pre-Islamic beliefs in Iran and the Sunnis who make up the main branch of Islam. The grand Mufti commented after the Iran's leader Ayatullah Al Khumeini said the Muslim world should challenge the Saudi management of two holiest sites of Makkah and Medina. The verbal sparring ahead of Hajj which this year starts on Saturday, follows months of tension between Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia and its Shia regional rival Iran.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Video Of 1994 Of Miss India Pageant Finale Has Surfaced On Social Media (Video)

It was definitely a sight When Sushmita Sen and Aishwarua Rai reached a draw at Miss India Pageant finale in 1994. Now years later, a video of the pageant finale has surfaced on the social media showing shmita and Aishwarya waiting on the stage waiting for the results to be revealed. The video shows Sushmita with her peppy persona, beauty and brains, clear the tie breaking question, with just .02 more and defeat Aish at the contest. But the video does not end here.In the video Sushmita was also spotted whispering "kiss Me" to the second runner-up Francesca Hart, when the judge announced her the first Indian to win the Miss Universe pageant. She definitely graced the historic moment with her lovely attitude.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Some Creepy Father Daughter Pictures

*-- There is so much I do not know where to start.
*-- A good dad helps his daughter apply sunscreen on her back, but a creepy one makes sure to do her upper thighs and butts.
*-- During a purity ball, a young girl promises to remain virgin until her marriage. And her father vows to protect her chastity.
e *-- Another picture from purity ball series. The girl looks a little swept away from the idea.
*-- Another purity ball picture from the documentary on the subject. This is the creepiest of the bunch.
*-- Donald trump's relationship with his daughter is pretty darned creepy, and while it may not have been publicised until he started running for president, the pictures prove that it has always been a bit odd.
*-- Donald is all too happy to call his daughter "hot".
*-- In fact Donald once said, She does have a very nice figure, if Ivanka were not my daughte I would be dating her." She surely looks like a trophy wife in this picture.
*-- Plenty of girls take pictures with thir dads before prom. Not many are lucky enough to get a shot with their dad when he wears a bathrobe.

Lakme Fashion Week And Bollywood Stars

Bollywood actress Prachi Desai (Pic-1) showcases a creation by designer Sonam and Modi and Kareena Kapoor (Pic-2) showcases creation by designer by Sabyasachj.
Indian Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu poses for a photograph during Lakme Fashion Week in Mombai.
Bollywood actress Krishma Kapoor poses for a photograph during the fashion week.
Bolywood actress Deepika Pedukone poses for a photograph during the fashion week.
Actress Krishma Kapoor showcases creation by designer Architha Narayanam.
Krishma Kapoor