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Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Muslim Woman Has Been Featured In Hijab By Playboy

Playboy magazine, once famous for bunnies and soft porn, for the first time is featuring a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, in a spread that is drawing both praise and criticism. American journalist Noor Tagouri appears in the Magazine's October "renegades" edition, a series that focuses on men and women, who risked it all- even their lives- to do what they love. The 22-year-old journalist, who is of Libyan decent works as reporter for Newsy, a video news network, is featured wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, sneakers and a hijab or handscarf, in the publication that describes her as " a badass activist". Noor's goal is to become first "hijabi" anchor on commercial US television. Playboy did away with nudity earlier this year as it sought to appeal to wider audience. Tagouri, who has a social media followers more than 100,000, first gained attention after launching the viral # LetNoorShine compaign in 2012.

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