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Thursday, September 1, 2016

India's Mean Journalistic Tactics Against Pakistan

This is only due to the weakness of the Pakistani government and its weaker foreign policy and the personal interests of the people sitting on top that India's Modi got encouraged and ignored the friendship (personal) of these high ups (while Pakistani counterparts could not) and is carrying out its nefarious designs in Balochistan with the help of Afghanistan through RAW and traitors in Pakistan. The latest mean step taken by the magazine India Today in its September issue with the consent of Modi government was to publish on its cover page the image of our Pakistani national hero Chief of Army staff general Raheel Sharif with a photoshopped mark of slap on his face. It is a fact that Modi government increases atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and to divert the attention of the world creates unrest in Baluchistan and makes noise for it. Though the situation of Baluchistan and occupied Kashmir is quite different. The part of Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) which Modi calls occupied Kashmir is a very peaceful and enchanted land where thousand of Pakistanis come to spend their vacations. Whereas in occupied Kashmir due to crisis people always face curfews, disabling of internet, cellular networks, suspended railways services and school examinations.

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