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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Secret Data Of Indian SubMarine Scorpene Have Been Hacked And Leaked On Internet

Indian craze for being regional super power is increasing day by day and it wants its armed forces to be at par with that of China and ahead of Pakistan in defense and war capabilities. So India is spending billion of dollars to build and purchase new and latest arms and other other technologically equipped war equipment. In this regard India decided to purchase Scorpene sub marine from French shipbuilder DCNS that had to be built in government's shipyard in Mombai. It costs three billion dollars and in case of delay the cost has reached to about four billion dollars. The construction work on first sub marine was started during 2009 and completed in 2015. It was now in testing stage and was intended to be handed over to Indian Navy, But the leakage of secret documents on internet and in print media spreading over 22,000 pages has shook the Indian rulers. Scorpene like all other latest sub marines is "stealth" one, however documents have revealed all the technical information about its frequencies on which it collects intelligence information, how much it makes noise on full or slow speed, how long deep in to the waters it goes, how much weight of water it can take and how long it can go. The leak also includes the under water sensors, above water sensors, combat management system, tarpedo launch system, and specifications, communication system and navigation system. The DCNS implies that the data might have been leaked from India side. However, whatever the reasons may be the billion dollars Indian Submarine program is in danger.

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